Cooler by the Lake

March #SOLC Day 31


I awoke this morning to some ominous clouds moving slow but sure across the lake from north to south.

I saw on my phone that there was a fire earlier this morning in Pilsen.  Could that be what I’m seeing, I wondered?  I tried to sniff to see if I smelled smoke.  Nope.

Then I turned on the T.V.  The weatherman was talking about low clouds moving in over the lake.  It was cold weather.  Those were the clouds I was seeing out my window.  The meteorologist said it was currently 38 degrees, but that two hours earlier it was 52.


Clouds rolling in over the lake

I was fascinated.  It’s a rare day around here that we get to see actual weather, cold air, moving in the sky.  It was foggy.  Soupy.  “The clouds are shrouding the tall buildings in the city and on their way to taking out Millennium Park,” said the Meteorologist.  It sounded like a science fiction movie.  The Stratus clouds are taking over the city!  Take cover!  Run for your life!

The traffic lady came on next.  She spoke of the threatening low cloud ceiling that was disabling the traffic copters this morning.  Then she showed a picture of the sunrise, currently taking place in a southwest suburb.  A tale of two cities.

The forecast for today?  In the 40’s here, but low 60’s in the burbs.  Looks like it’s springtime in the city.  Always cooler by the lake!


 The picture outside my window by the time I finished writing this


12 thoughts on “Cooler by the Lake

  1. You write the scene so clearly that I can observe it as if I am standing beside you. I can share in your weird weather since at my house, it was raining and by the time I drove an hour north to my school, there was several inches of snow on the ground! I’ve had a wonderful month reading your comments and your slices. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Amy! I’ve enjoyed reading your slices, as well! See you on Tuesdays – I think I’ll take a couple of weeks off first. This has been exhausting!!

  2. Snow’s coming here this afternoon. I’m unemotional but your weather experience is inspiring. I’m still in my pjs on the couch reading slices but I’ll be up soon to take on the cold out there.
    Joining you,

  3. Nice visuals! Your pictures were a bonus, because I could already imagine what things looked like. And yes, it sounds like a movie – with the weather taking over your city!

  4. Cool pics. Your word choice of soupy made me chuckle. It is indeed. You’re lucky to see that view every morning, even with the rolling weather. Or because of getting to see the rolling weather, depending how you look at it. 🙂

  5. If you hear a “knock, knock, knock” at the door, don’t answer. It could be the FOG coming to get you! I had an eerie feeling the whole time I was reading your slice. However, I am hopeful that our spring sunshine will be coming soon!

  6. So amazing how different things can be from one area to the next and from one minute to the next. “The Stratus clouds are taking over the city! Take cover! Run for your life!” Now that’s funny! Death by clouds! Thanks for all your support over the past 31 days. I enjoyed your writing which gets better and better! 🙂

  7. Im so glad you wrote this. When I left my house this morning it was sunny and warmish. As I was unloading the boys at day care it was cloudy and cold. I thought I was going crazy. Turns out its just god ole Chicago.

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