Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

March #SOLC Day 29


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Will each come without delay

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Only one more post per day

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

So much more to say

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

I fear my thoughts will soon stray

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

On this blog I will continue to write I pray

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Thirty-one days filled with stories that stay

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

To my fellow writers who have taught me along the way

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

For all the comments and support I say thank you and hooray!








10 thoughts on “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

  1. I love the form of your Slice! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Your last line says it all, For all the comments and support I say thank you and hooray. Love it!!!

  2. You have become quite the rhyming poet this season of slicing! I’m a sucker for poems that rhyme and I like the repetition. Great ending! Happy last Sunday post!

  3. I love the rhythm of this poem. Three more days and lots more to say…I feel the same way. I’ve really enjoyed this writing community and all those encouraging comments.

  4. What a fun rhyming poem! Great structure! Your words are so true- there is “so much more to say.” It won’t be easy to choose those final slices.

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