I Believe

March #SOLC Day 25


I believe that I’ve done something right when I look at my friends and family.

I believe that I can finally make it to the weight that I aspire to.

I believe that dogs are as smart as people.

I believe I could live on pizza if I had to.

I believe that nothing feels better than the sun shining on my face.

I believe that there is no more important job one can have than working with children.

I believe happiness is found within.

I believe Hawaii must be the most beautiful place on earth.

I believe that people genuinely want to make a difference.

I believe Chicago is the friendliest city in the country.

I believe breakfast is the best meal of the day.

I believe that the human body strives to be whole and well.

I believe we should stop and look when we see a rainbow in the sky.

I believe the same about a sunrise and/or sunset.

I believe Albert Einstein would have made a really great friend.

I believe that writing is good for the soul.

Thank you to Jennifer Morales over at The Chronicles of a Teacher for inspiring me to try this format!


7 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. I believe! I feel all that you believe in! Makes me want to stand up and yell, I BELIEVE! It gives you so much control saying it. Thanks for the great slice!

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