The View From Here

March #SOLC Day 23


I’ve been looking to the TWT daily blog for inspiration in this last stretch of the challenge.  I was excited to see yesterday that one of my colleagues; Jess2e28 at was featured under the “Be Inspired” section with her piece called, “Slice of Life is Upon Us.”  She is a wonderful writer and this slice is based on her format.

I look out my picturesque window

and it’s the northern skyline presenting the city of Chicago I see.

I see its big lanky buildings reaching their way up to the clouds.

Different shapes and sizes appear.


I see railroad tracks

running right into those soaring structures.

Fireworks dance off the pier.

Plays, concerts, parks, and shopping

wait just beyond the outline I see.

I see glimmers of the sun as it rises and sets

bouncing off the window and brick of the triangular neighborhoods.

A lit up Ferris Wheel moves slowly around.

In their construction a mostly silver

sometimes beautiful shimmery blue I see.

I see the aqua, grey, and sometimes dreamy green lake

running alongside this view from here.

A lighthouse off in the distance blows its horn with a sad sound.

Boats, swimmers, runners and bikers dot the scene to the east I see.

I see a vast urban metropolis

that is home to so many.

A welcoming chaos where we can work, play and live.

Looking closer in at my own community below

my friends and neighbors walking their dogs

playing with their kids

out on a street lined with trees and parks I see.

As I sit here taking it all in I appreciate my city, my home in a way that I’ve never done before.  Through the eyes of a Writer.  I see.
the city





6 thoughts on “The View From Here

  1. Love the format! I liked reading about the different things you were seeing, and yes, I to felt like I was seeing them with you.
    I also liked the way you described the lighthouse off in the distance blows its horn with a sad sound. I never thought about the sounds of a lighthouse until now, the sounds are sad, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing!

  2. “Plays, concerts, parks, and shopping wait just beyond the outline I see”. This line truly grasps the whole that is the City. You express the beauty of the skyline as just the beginning. Culture, entertainment, recreation, neighborhoods, communities, families at work and play… That’s what makes it the city that you love.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how looking at your home city with the eyes of a writer can bring a new perspective. And at the same time, you brought us, the readers, right along.

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