Getting Some Fun Out of Life

March #SOLC Day 22


When we want to work, we work
When we want a play, we play
In a happy setting
We’re getting some fun out of life

These words by singer, Madeleine Peyroux tell the story of my friend Kathy in such a perfect way.  They are her mantra.  They depict how she lives her life.

In fact, she just lights up when this song comes on the radio.  And when this happens we drop everything and break out into song.

Kathy works hard.  She goes to bed early and is up at 4:30 a.m. every Monday through Friday (some Saturdays) and on the road by 5:30.  Battling the traffic and those crazy drivers who tailgate, weave in and out of lanes, text while at the wheel and generally cause havoc on the road.  When she finally makes it safely to work (on a prayer) she is on the go all day long.

Meeting with teachers.

Meeting with administrators.

Meeting in classrooms.

She’s rarely in her office.  It seems that every minute is filled with important things to be done.

But, when Kathy is home she releases all of that……and she plays.

Going to concerts.

Going to book signings.

Going shopping.

Going out with friends.

Kathy plays hard.  She stays up later at night and catches up on her sleep in the mornings.  Her days start out a bit slower with no alarm clock, a lingering breakfast (made by yours truly), coffee and playing some games with her cyber friends on her phone.  Some light cleaning isn’t out of the picture, along with a visit to her mom’s to help with groceries and other errands.  But, at least half of the weekend is left for play.

Given all that my dearest friend in the whole wide world has been through in her life I would say that she has earned the right to

dance when she wants to dance and

to sing when she wants to sing.

She has it figured out – this thing called “balance.”  Whatever she is doing at any given moment she give it her all and yet, when it’s over she is able to leave it behind and move on to the next thing.  And, knowing her, there are many more things out there just calling her name.

Sing and dance.  Work and play.

Getting the most fun out of life.

That’s my friend.

That’s Kathy.





22 thoughts on “Getting Some Fun Out of Life

  1. Balance…it’s what we all are striving for. Are you west or east towards the coasts vs. midwest? I’ve heard there is better balance toward the coasts. Coasters work hard but leave work behind with great abilities to play hard, too. Was thinking it was because of more scenic places to play. Just wondering. Enjoyed your post very much. Kathy sounds very cool, but so do you. D 🙂

  2. I’m always looking to find the right balance in everything. It is a daunting task, but one worth figuring out. When we take time to play we can work better, I think.

  3. First, I love the song and as I rad your post I could hear it in my head. It is a song I have listened to frequently.

    I also have an idea now for writing: interspersing original lines alongside a song lyric. Thanks.

  4. Wow!!! Balance is something that I strive for every single day. Kathy, sounds like an amazing lady, and I am in awe of her accomplishment. This slice is a beautiful tribute, not only to Kathy, but to the beautiful friendship you share.

  5. Balance is something that I am so striving for. I know that I do not have it in my life. I wonder if more people have balance like you described (and that I am jealous of) or do not. Love this slice because I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about it because it speaks to something I am striving for.

  6. Balance is much easier to attain when you have the freedom to go for it. When we are fulltime working mothers it seems almost impossible to achieve…but we still try. Now that I am retired it has become my daily mantra…do good work, but also enjoy what life has to offer in the time that I have. Seems like no matter what stage we are in…we all want it! This is a beautifully written homage to both the concept and the person whom embodies it!

  7. Your friend sounds like a good role model for people. Balance is something we all need. I sometimes feel (since I am retired) that I am not doing enough…and then my husband reminds me that this is part of the balance of all that I had done for 37 years from early morning and often late into the night. Hmmm…maybe that is a bit of the balance…but I still think I need to find another niche. Loved your post. Jackie

  8. I wish I were as wise and brave as Kathy! I think it takes bravery to really take action toward finding balance in life. I need to follow her example. My favorite line in your post was, “Whatever she is doing at any given moment she gives it her all and yet, when it’s over she is able to leave it behind and move on to the next thing.”

  9. This sounds like a friend I’d like to have. I try to build in play time, but sometimes it’s hard when there is so much to be done. Thanks for the reminder. It’s all about balance.

  10. What a moving tribute to your friend and her amazing accomplishment. Balance is tough! I love how she can work hard and play hard. I tend to work hard and spend the rest of the time collapsed and recuperating so I can work hard again! I also enjoyed the connection to the song and got a great image of the two of you dropping everything when it comes on the radio and living in that moment, celebrating each other and your friendship. Thanks for sharing!

  11. First of all…Love Madeleine Peroux. I couldn’t help but think of her song, “Dance me to the End of love,” while I was reading your post. 🙂 Your love for Kathy is strong and so very apparent in the respect, admiration, and honor you show through the words of this piece. It’s hard sometimes not to let that responsible, level headed work bot in us mute out our need for, “play,” We NEED to keep that childlike spirit…By God, let’s start a movement. That goofiness, inquisitiveness, and adventurous spirit is key. And also, love how you balanced this piece (pun intended?)… describing her work, then her play.

  12. We all need to learn from Kathy! Dance when we want to dance and sing when we want to sing! Getting the most out of life. I love it !! Beautiful Slice!

  13. Balance is so key with everything and it sounds like Kathy sure has it down pat. It’s admirable when someone lives their life this way. So much more enjoyable too. She sure could teach all of us some things.

  14. So right that she has the balance down and deserves all the play she can get. This I write on a Sunday in the middle of responding to email and getting ready for my work week!!!

  15. I don’t know this song, but you can bet that I will soon. And when I hear it I will forever have a picture of Kathy (and you) singing and dancing and cleaning and laughing. What a happy image I have of this scene. That’s waht life is all about, isn’t it?

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