Tech and The Rest of Us

March #SOLC Day 20


Him:  “You know the first question I always ask, right?”

Me:  “Turn it off.  Reboot?”

Him:  “Yes.  Did you do that?”

Me:  (This time…..proudly) “Yes I did!”

Me:  (On other days…with head hanging down) “No.  I’ll try that and call you back.”

And so it goes.  The banter between the district technology specialist and the rest of us.

I don’t envy him.  He has a specialty; tons of knowledge in the area of technology.  That’s all good.  But it can all fall apart so quickly when he attempts to explain it to the rest of us.  Those of us who don’t know (and really don’t want to know) about his field.  It’s frustrating for both parties.

We just want things to work without adding any unnecessary knowledge about routers, servers, and rams to our brains.  To him…that’s all necessary!

Today I had an especially trying conversation with Tony, our IT specialist.  It lasted about 30 minutes and I took away about 2% of what he said.  Tony is attempting to move all my computer documents from Google Docs to One Drive.  I approve of this change, it’s just frustrating to endure.  Today’s conversation was a bit different from the others, however, because I was listening with the ear of a Writer.  I burst out into laughter when Tony said, and I quote: “Carrie, you have to be one person – you can’t be two.  Only I can be two people.”  He was referring to the two different ways I was signing in on Google Docs.  It was hilarious.  I quickly wrote it down.  I also stopped listening after that.

A person can only take so much.




12 thoughts on “Tech and The Rest of Us

  1. This is so funny! Many times I walk away feeling the same way. Sometimes I act like I know what he is talking about, but sometimes I just listen and smile. Love this slice!

  2. I feel the same way when I email Phil about my board. I try hard to figure out the problem before he gets there, but that doesn’t happen and he laughs and walks out with a simple solution.

  3. Too Funny! I admit, I sometimes (most of the time) only listen with one ear. He can be explaining something I’m sure that is important, but he just loses me somewhere in the conversation. Great Slice! Very Funny!

  4. So true! I adore our tech guy, but I don’t care at all about what he wants to tell me about why and how stuff happens. I just want him to quietly fix it and let me get back to what I DO care about. Great slice.

  5. You are writing my world! Google has actually, for the first time, live as one person. Previously, I had my home email account and work and my school email account and work. Now, I am trying to transfer all of my documents from our district server to my district Google Drive and teach kids how to access what I’ve shared with them on their iPads. AHHH!

  6. The conversation had me laughing because I always have that same one either in my own mind or with our co-workers – what would Tony say? Then, I begrudgingly close all my documents and shut down. Usually – it works! You need to share this with him. I think he would get a kick out of it. I love your reference to writing – you just tuned out and wrote down a quote. Now that’s funny!

  7. This is great…first I can hear you having this conversation, second, I can see and hear you laughing as he tells you, you can only be one person. Love the ending!

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