March #SOL15 Day 8


Red square

beige square

red square

orange square

beige square

The question occurred to me tonight.  How many times do I walk this hallway and look at those beige, red and orange carpet squares?

To the garbage shoot

To my mom’s

To the elevator

To my neighbors

Going out

Coming home

Sometimes just because we need that last 500 steps on the fitbit before turning in for the night

Tonight, on my 8th time walking the hallway of the 17th floor of my condo building I’m looking down and feeling happy that those little cubed carpet squares that are meant to put a splash of color on the floor aren’t in a perfect pattern.  Tonight might be the first time I’ve noticed that.  I hate patterns like that.  Red, beige, orange, red, beige, orange, etc.  So uncreative.  My condo management knew enough to put them in random order.  Good for them!



15 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. I enjoyed your post. Not everything needs to be a pattern as you eloquently described.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that quickly gets the last fitbit steps in at the end of the evening.


  2. Hmmm. Could it be that the red, beige, red, orange, beige pattern continues on the next floor? That’s what the OCD in me would need to happen. Just sayin’.

  3. I agree with all the comments above – it’s the creativity in you that allows you to see beauty in the randomness. I loved the beginning to this Slice. I wonder when or if you would have noticed if you weren’t living like a writer…

  4. I need to pay closer attention to the things around me. I love this. Now I have a goal to do a slice about a seemingly mundane detail I notice. Thank you for that!

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