The Music of a Generation

March #SOLC15 Day 9

sol[1]This past weekend I went to see a concert with a bunch of musical acts from the 1960’s.  They call themselves “The British Invasion” because they are a mix of singers from various duos and bands from England that came the U.S. around the same time as the Beatles.

The music was good,  but my favorite part of the night was watching people in the audience.  Music is very personal.  It means different things  to different people.  But in this particular room on this particular night I think everyone was feeling the same way.  They were nostalgic for the “good old days” and felt very content to spend three hours in a world that existed over half a century ago.

As I scanned the room I saw couples listening to the singers while gazing at one another with loving eyes. They knew every single word to each song.  I could see the flood of memories that those songs,  that melody brought to them.  They seemed full of emotion.  I believe they were transported to their youth.  Dare I say a simpler time?  Maybe they dated during the 60’s.  Maybe “Sweets for My Sweet”, by The Searchers was their song.  Maybe their first dance as a married couple at their wedding was to, “Go to Pieces” by Peter and Gordon.

I continued to scan the room.  I saw two sisters (at least think they were) sitting right across from me.  They were hugging, smiling, and playing the air drums.  They were taking selfies with the band behind them.  I imagined them as young teenagers listening to the music of Chad and Jeremy in their bedroom on their 45 record player.  Probably dreaming of the future when they would marry either Chad or Jeremy.  Wearing their hippy, round, pink-tinted sunglasses and tie dyed shirts.  Talking about how war was not the answer.  Living the dream.

It is safe to say that I was probably the youngest person at this concert.  I’m not saying I’m a youngster, but in that room I definitely was!  They accepted me, though, and on that night I was an honorary member of their generation.


4 thoughts on “The Music of a Generation

  1. “…felt very content to spend three hours in a world that existed over half a century ago.” What a neat way to word this experience! I can’t even put into words why I love it – I just do! “…an honorary member of their generation” – another cute way with words. I could just picture the scene! 🙂

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