Stay Warm

March #SOL15 Day 6


I got into my nice warm car that was housed by a super warm garage this morning to drive to work.

I pulled out of my garage into a beautiful city neighborhood adorned by beautiful trees, homes and condo buildings.

I drove along the street and saw people walking their socked and sweatered dogs.  They were holding the ever-present plastic bag to pick up dog droppings.  They shivered and pulled their hats down to cover their ears.  They wrapped their scarves a little tighter as they stood waiting for their dog to “do his business.”

I turned the radio on.  The temperature hit zero this morning at 4:30.  Dangerous cold.  “Stay warm”, the weather lady said.

I turn the channel.  My favorite song came on so I turned it up and sang along.

I put my sun glasses on to block the big, bright sun coming through my windshield.

I approached the big convention center that is three minutes from my home.  It’s quiet.  No conventions this week.

I round the bend, getting close to the expressway entrance and I can’t believe what I see.  There is a man with lots of layers of coats on laying on the sidewalk on his back.  Not moving.  Five feet from the door of the big convention center.  Not moving.

I turn the car around.

There he is.  Still.  Lifeless.

I get my thoughts together.  Yes, it’s the west building, the furthest south.  I should call 911.

I drive and slowly get back to where I first saw the man.  As I do so a security man from the big convention center is running to him.  He kneels down beside him and lifts the scarf from his face.

I keep driving.

I pray for the man.




10 thoughts on “Stay Warm

  1. Carrie, oh my goodness! This is heart-stopping! I hope that man was okay.

    The way you took me with you on a typical commute to work on this cold day – and then just wham! – we see the guy. So well-written.

    Gosh, I hope that man was okay.

  2. I mean we know these stories happen. But they happen on the news. Not right before our eyes. I couldnt imagine. The way you described your beautiful surroundings – I’ll cling to that visual.

  3. Reading this smack you in the face moment is just a reminder of the struggles that people face on a daily face. Sometimes we get so wrapped up we forget.
    Thank you for the reminder. I pray that he is well and that someone finds a warm place for him.

  4. I want more! What happened to this man?!?! I like how you wrote about all the wonderful things you experience comfortably then see someone with nothing, no matter whether he was breathing or not – still nothing. Good ending…leaves the reader wondering,
    thinking and pondering!

  5. Wow! It is hard to know what to do in that situation. You want to help, but you also need to think about your own safety. I’m glad someone was there to help him, but I am curious to know what happened to him.

  6. Wow! I didn’t see that coming at all!! It was like bam!! I hope the man is okay, and I am praying for him too. This is one of those slices that really puts things into perspective. Very well written!!

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