Ten Months Later

March #SOLC Day 5

sol[1]I heard this morning on the news that McDonald’ has a s new menu.  Free range chicken and no antibiotics in the chicken and cow feed.  The minute I saw those yellow arches with the words “Breaking News” scrolling below them on the TV I thought, Uh-oh.  Is McDonald’s going out of business?  Well, of course it wasn’t that serious, but let’s face it – I haven’t been my typical loyal McDonald’s customer for a solid 8 months now.  And, without my hard-earned dollars constantly flowing through that grease pit, I mean restaurant, what else could the business do, but tank?

I am starting this years slicing challenge 16 pounds lighter.  I never thought I could do it.  At my old age how could I possibly embark on a weight less program that would make a lick of difference?  What a defeatist attitude, right?  The lack of faith I had in myself was probably my biggest hurdle.  I had bigger problems than my weight if I didn’t believe that I could change the path on which I was traveling.

My weight loss journey finally began last summer.  I wish that I could say that it happened because I gained a newfound confidence in myself.  That I woke up and told myself this is the day I am going to change everything!  And on that day I began eating healthier and exercising everyday.  Nope.  Not how it how it went down.  Instead, my new way of life was forced into gear by a series of surgeries my friend underwent in June.  First surgery: 9 hours.  Second surgery: 3 hours.  Third surgery: 2.5 hours.  After that many surgeries my dear friend was just not eating much.  As a result, I followed suit.  Together we decided we could do this  – that it was worth it and it was possible.

Ten months later things are going well.  Of course I’ve hit the infamous plateau that I’ve heard so much about, but that’s probably because I don’t exercise.  I’ve heard that’s important.



15 thoughts on “Ten Months Later

  1. What is most important is that you are still working at it 9 months later! You feel better, and you are healthier. You have taken action and inspire others to do the same.

  2. LOVE this sentence – “without my hard-earned dollars constantly flowing through that grease pit, I mean restaurant, what else could the business do, but tank?” Why of course? What will they do without your business? Your epiphany about having faith is just what you needed. It’s so true! You have worked really hard and it shows! Catwalk – here comes Dr. Carrie Cahill!

  3. As I started reading your slice, I was really excited at the prospect of McDonald’s closing…and let down when that wasn’t the case! LOL. So exciting to see progress with healthy changes…keep at it!

  4. That’s so impressive and awesome that you’ve lost 16 pounds!!! Keep up the great work! The hardest part is just starting and sticking to it that first week and you’re well past that! It sounds like you are really happy with your decision! So excited for you!

    1. Yeah! 16 pounds! What a great feat! The summer is closing in, let that be your exercise. I swear I’ve never been able to consistently workout because it’s so boring. I just try to be more active in anything I do. Keep it up, I know you’ll reach your goal!

  5. If Starbucks goes out of business, it will not be because of me. I am willing to give up everything but my daily fix. It is needed. I am glad your changed our eating habits. Now let’s get that Fitbit in motion and start moving (in my drill sergeant’s voice)!

  6. Oh, exercise- we are on the same page with that. Ugh! Great job and I chuckled much at the beginning. Living very near to a McDonalds with a picky wicky child eater has been a huge challenge every time I make a decision to be healthier! Lol

  7. Whether you lost weight or not, I think it’s great that you stopped eating at McDonald’s! I’m proud of you for breaking that unhealthy addiction! Maybe I need to look into breaking some of mine…

  8. I love that you found your slice in something like a news piece. You make a beautiful connection between your old habits (McDonald’s daily) and your new habits (eating healthy). I wish you and your friend well. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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