They’re Here!

March #SOLC15 Day 4



It’s March.

I am convinced that I heard my first robin singing this morning.

That beautiful song.

That happy song.

I don’t think I dreamt it up in my head.  I want it, but not that bad……

I heard it.  I’m sure.

I can just picture that sweet robin red breast sitting amongst the snow and ice singing her song.

Pretty soon that breast will be swollen with the joy of new babies to come.

Have I wished it so hard that it may have all been in my head?

No.  The sun is coming up earlier.  It’s setting later.  The robins know this and they are back.

There is something so constant and reliable about the arrival of these simple little birds.

They signal the coming of

green grass

blue skies


puffy cumulus clouds

green leaves on the trees


Don’t pay attention to the weather lady.

Just listen to the robins.

Spring is in the air.


9 thoughts on “They’re Here!

  1. Love this, Carrie!! I love how you were not totally sure of yourself in the beginning. And the list of spring things comes at the reader kind of fast and furious, which I loved. Well done! (Sure doesn’t look like spring…)

  2. Carrie, Blake said this morning as we got out of the car and Papa and Gigi’s house “Do you hear the birdies?” I swear to you! He noticed them too! I told him yes spring is coming!

  3. I love this! Very much dislike the subject matter but am willing to look past the BIRDS (shudder) to acknowledge the brilliant writing. Your lovely description makes me almost admire them as beautiful. Almost. 😉

  4. I do believe this is the happiest slice I have read!! I thought I heard them too, now I know it was not a dream!! Here’s to robins and springtime!! By next week it will feel like spring:-)

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