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March #SOL15 Day One


I visited a “writing pep rally” (as coined by a fellow slicer) before classes started at one of our schools this past Friday.  It was so thrilling to join this group of colleagues who were about to become very important to one another in a way that would be quite different from the every day of work life.

The excitement.  The anticipation.  The celebration.  It was in the air.

Everyone talked.  Many at the same time.

“I’m scared”

“I’m not a writer”

“I’m so excited to try”

“You’re gonna love it!”

“The community this writing builds is so awesome”

“We become so much closer through our writing”

“I love writing”

“I have a fear of commitment”

So many comments.  Ideas.  Fears.  Beliefs.

Some serious.  Some funny.  All earnest and sincere.

Our pep rally came to an end.  School was beginning.  Students began streaming into the classroom where we were meeting but quickly retreated when they saw a group of teachers sitting in their desks.  So respectful, these students.

I stepped outside the classroom and chatted with them as their teacher approached.  I learned that these students had been discussing taking on the same writing challenge that we were talking about only moments before.  And then, in a matter of minutes they were sharing, one by one, their writing plans with me.  Their teacher, a fellow slicer, asked each one individually to tell something they planned to write about during the 31-day challenge.  Without hesitation they began talking.  In the blink of an eye each student looked to me and revealed a little bit of themselves

I was overwhelmed.  These students exuded confidence.  A belief in their abilities.

I walked away from that experience feeling so lucky.  What better job is there in the entire world than to work with adults and children who believe in themselves enough to try new things even when they may be scared to death?   Of course, that’s mostly the adults who are scared  -but the example they are showing their students by not letting their fears stop them from embarking on this awesome life experience is priceless.

Cheers to you my friends.  I look forward to the next 31 days with you.  Let the writing begin!


18 thoughts on “Our Community

  1. Thank you! Yes, what better thing for us to do and model to our kids. Us trying something that we find scary! This will be a challenge and this will be fun! Have a great month.

  2. After attending a similar pep rally at my school, I believe I was inspired to take on the challenge. The teachers shared many good reasons why I should accept the challenge. How could I not do it? So here I am at day 1 and I am excited that I have joined this wonderful writers’ community. Let’s see what this month will bring. Welcome Back!!!

  3. What a great feeling! I love the days to come when the anticipation is overflowing and the excitement drives you to compulsively check your email. lol
    Welcome back!

  4. Although I am still nervous and a bit scared, I am already so happy that I decided to become a part of this community. I’ve already come back in every spare moment I’ve had today to read and comment on everyone’s slices! Thanks for being “pushy.” 😉

  5. What a pep rally it was! I sure am glad that I was beckoned into the room!!!!! I love how excited students are about this too…you captured that moment just perfectly! Looking forward to a great month of writing!

  6. I remember being at a similar “pep rally” 3 years ago and there were just a few of us. Now our little community has become so much bigger! It’s so great that so many new faces are joining us. I’ve been commenting for about two hours now and can’t stop because I’m trying to get to everyone!

  7. I’m sad I missed the pep rally! 🙂 It is great to be back… I was a little apprehensive this morning when it dawned on me that it was actually March 1st… But I’m feeling the excitement again as I read through posts. So inspiring!

  8. I think that the whole idea of a writing pep rally is so amazing. I am doing this challenge solo, but have convinced two teachers to do it with their classes with my support. It is amazing what a community of writers it is already creating!

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