SOL Tuesday

June is proving to be a month that shows what we’re made of.

Surgery one.  Nine hours.  Transplant lymph nodes.  Bypass veins so they can work with the lymphatic system.  OK.  Promises of fewer infections.  An arm that will be less swollen. We can get through this.

Surgery two.  Two and a half hours.  Fix the skin graft that died.  Suffocated.  So soon?  OK.  It’s shorter and obviously necessary, so, we can get through this.

Surgery three.  Yet to come.  Barely 3 weeks since the first.  Does this Doctor know what he’s doing?  OK.  There’s a big wound that needs sewing, so we don’t have a choice.  It’s got to be done, so we will get through this.

I have learned a lot from my friend who has been going through all of this firsthand.  Keep moving forward.  Don’t wallow in self pity.  Make decisions and live with them.  Get back to normal as soon as possible.

Resilience.  What a lesson.


2 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. A lesson for sure. I hoped for better. Your friend is an inspiration with the attitude she puts forth. I send well wishes her way. Sounds like it’s been hard on both of you.

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