SOL Tuesday

The baggage we carry with and for our students gets very heavy.

Five, seven, ten, thirteen year olds.

Moms in jail.  Dads who abandon.

Grandma’s who mother.  Grandfather’s who.  Who may be there.  Or, who may not be there.

Guardians who provide.

Lives so hard.   The weight of the world on their shoulders.  Besieged by broken promises.  Claims of love.  Assertions of better days ahead.  Pangs of sadness so deep to the core that no one can reach.

Lives so young.  Remnants of innocence flickering in the dark.  Parcels of childhood loped from reality.  Murmurs of laughter.  Residue of a time that may have never been.

Children who have borne witness and busied themselves to forget what they saw.  Come to school.  Listen to teacher.  Make friends.  Tell an adult if someone bothers you.

Teachers who welcome.  Swoop in and fix.  Tirelessly working to annihilate the demons.  Treading water, bailing water, walking the tightrope of emotions.  Applying balm to the soul.  Soothing.  Comforting.  Salvaging and preserving childhood while ushering in maturity.

Time passes.  The future cracks open with glimmers light .  Specks of hope dotting the horizon.  The preface to a better life.  We believe.  We insist.  It is possible.


11 thoughts on “Possible

  1. And though it seems hopeless at times, it isn’t. Thanks to all the teachers, principles, cafeteria workers, teachers’ aides, custodians, bus drivers, volunteers, nurses, secretaries (and any one else I missed) who have given their time and talent to care for and teach the children of our schools.

  2. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Heartache to hope. The short punctuated sentences build a feeling of anticipation throughout. Treading water for sure. But there are life preservers around us at all times in the form of students and colleagues. 🙂 love this if you couldn’t tell.

  3. This is so good, it hurts. Really our kids have so much than we realize they have or have not. Always a good reminder which is how this feels – reminding the teachers of whom they really teach and spend everyday with. Sad but beautiful writing.

  4. “Salvaging and preserving childhood,” Man, you know this a strikes a chord. It is really moving on so many levels, and beautifully written. I love the confident hopefulness in how you close with, ” We believe. We insist. It is possible. ” Yes, we do and we definitely believe.

  5. We were just talking about this today. I want every student to somehow see in my eyes a reflection of all they can be. You’ve captured THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we do and the challenge children face. Loved this: “Time passes. The future cracks open with glimmers light . Specks of hope dotting the horizon. The preface to a better life. We believe. We insist. It is possible.”

  6. Beautiful word choice completely explains the steamer trunks of baggage many kids carry with them through life. May we all have strength to be someone they can trust and rely on.

  7. Carrie, the sentiment here is beautiful, and the word choice is stunning. I can’t even pick my favorites. I love this: Remnants of innocence flickering in the dark. Parcels of childhood loped from reality. Murmurs of laughter. Residue of a time that may have never been.

    You and I have talked about this before. It’s so hard. It can be so discouraging. But, your poem expresses what we all feel…We believe. We insist.

    Beautiful. Really.

  8. Thank you Carrie. You put my problem in writing and that makes it real. Now I know I can reach deeper for patience on some days and hopefully make a difference to two young boys in this short six week period.

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