SOL Tuesday

There they sat. Two grey-haired people. About the same age. Heads together, looking at something on their phone. Then just talking.  Eating.

Their table was tucked way back, almost in a corner. They seemed to like it that way. No one to bother them. Whenever the waiter came they appeared annoyed. Like he was intruding.

They shared food. He tried hers. She tried his. I imagined that they have been together for many years. At least 25, I’ll bet.  What would one do without the other? Their lives seem so intertwined.

I’ve been talking with colleagues about just exactly what is a “Slice of Life” story. We concluded that it’s a moment happening now that we want to remember forever. To preserve for always. This scene that I was fortunate enough to witness last weekend is truly something I want to always remember. It’s not that I wonder what they we’re talking about. What they mean to one another. I felt that I already knew this as I watched them eating breakfast in that restaurant. What I want to remember is…..

A couple, who after being together for over half their lives, clearly saw no one else in the room but each other

A couple, who after being together for over half their lives, still with so much to say to each other

A couple, who after being together for over half their lives, has a bond so strong that they probably finish each other’s sentences and know each other’s needs intuitively

A couple, who after being together for over half their lives, believe that their future holds abundant happiness for them

This is what I want to remember.  I can still see these two sitting so cozily, so intently, so happily at the back of the room between two windows.  Not a care in the world.  Happy to be together.  Forever.



6 thoughts on “Together

  1. This is such a great- what I notice in this moment slice. I have to work on that. I love the repetition at the end. To be that couple one day…

  2. Yes. That is a good one to remember. The people watching that speaks to our own lives and hopes. This is a great reminder of how love lasts and grows as we age.

  3. That reminds me of “my couple.” So neat that you observes two people so into each other after so long. It seems like an anomaly nowadays, as sad as it is. I like that they captured your interest and held it too! 🙂 I wish to be that couple too someday, admired from afar.

  4. Loved your slice! They sound like a very cute couple. I pictured an older couple the age of my parents and then I got to the part about together at least 25 years. I chuckled because that is how long I will be married this summer. Definitely a rare event though when couples are together for life and still have that sparkle for eah other. Thanks for they slice!

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