One Red Bow


SOL Tuesday


I tied it to the chair outside on our balcony at Christmas time.  It was one bow among 7 or 8 that were twisted around garland with beautiful, glistening lights.  Eventually the garland and lights and bows were taken down….except for this one red bow.


I don’t know why I left it, maybe because it was on the chair instead of the garland.  It seemed to belong there.   The wind that came whipping through the city of Chicago and up here to the 17th floor this winter, was not fit for man nor beast.    We like to think the one red bow represents the power of our spirit.  It has held on tightly through this brutal winter.  Strong.  Determined.  Flapping back and forth many times.  A couple of times looking like It would completely blow off during one or two of our snow storms….but it hung on.  Just like we did.

As our city begins to come alive again this spring we love to look outside at this bright red sign of hutzpah.  This symbol of resilience makes us feel that we have made it through.  We have survived,  just like our one red bow.





8 thoughts on “One Red Bow

  1. Reading about that bow as a symbol of our struggle to hang on throughout this winter has made me all the more excited about the approaching spring weather! I can’t wait to feel the sun and celebrate the warm weather! Thank you!

  2. I love that the tangible ‘one red bow’ has come to symbolize the hope and power of your spirit! Such a beautiful piece. I am shocked that the bow lasted through this amazingly awful winter…maybe it needed to in order to help you get through it!!! Great Slice:)

  3. The strength of this bow makes my heart smile. It reminds me of the underdog, the lone survivor. Gives me hope! I just love the fact that you left it out there and it has a meaning. I don’t think the bow should ever come down.

  4. It’s interesting to think about why you left that bow there in the first place. It’s like some part of you knew it needed to be there- you needed that sign, that bright boldness to get through this winter.

  5. Your red bow is strong and hopeful! What a wonderful analogy. Keep strong. Winds will come and go with the season, but you and your memories always resilient always standing the test of time.

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