‘Till Tuesday



March SOL Challenge #31 (Last Day of the month!)


We’ve been together for 31 days

I’ve learned so much about you

I’ve learned so much from you

Your stories inspired me.  Encouraged me.  Made me laugh.  Made me cry.

When I didn’t know what to write, I looked to you.

When I did know what to write, I looked to you.

I wrote for an audience and it felt good, because you were there

Your comments meant the world to me.

They validated my writing.  Encouraged me.  Made me laugh.  Made me cry.

I shared my soul, my deepest thoughts, my experiences, my stories, with you.

Every day I wrote and every day you wrote.  Our stories, they needed to come out.

Now we have come to the end of the month.  The end of the challenge.  We accomplished something great.  Something huge.

Goodbye for now.

I will miss our writing community.  The power I could feel each day as I sat down to write.  Knowing that hundreds of others were out there doing the same thing.

I will still see many of my writing colleagues as we pass through our school halls.  In our classrooms.  In our offices.  Down the hall from me.

We will continue to share our stories

We are forever linked through our tales.  Through our writing.

Goodbye, for now……till Tuesday!


12 thoughts on “‘Till Tuesday

  1. I am loving all of these slices reflecting on our challenge. I so see a book compiling all of our slices—the writer’s block slices, the mom slices, the sibling slices, the I did it! slices, the farewell slices…

  2. We did it! Another 31 days of writing under our belt. I kept wishing for the end, and now that it’s here, I’m sad!

    You put into words here everything I’ve wanted to say, everything I’ve been thinking. This was so great to be part of this community with everyone. So great to share stories.

    Take a break…. till tomorrow.

  3. I am glad I joined this month long slice, taking on a challenge I really didn’t think I could succeed at. I learned so much about/from colleagues/frolleagues that would never have occurred otherwise. Thank you for your support during this month.
    I shared my soul, my deepest thoughts….perfect way to describe what was done here.

  4. Till tomorrow is right! This last one is so poetic. It really flows and sums up the challenge we took together so well.
    “We will continue to share our stories. We are forever linked through our tales. Through our writing.” I love the toss in of the word, ‘linked’. It’s small as in link our posts but means so much when you put in context of our stories coming together like they did, it’s a nice word play. See you Tuesdays 🙂

  5. I keep remembering your grin today. I suspect part of it had to do with the sentiments you describe here. I feel as if I’ve accomplished something big, thanks to you and your “encouragement” to join this challenge. The month of March seemed to fly by for me…it was great!

  6. I feel so much like this today. I am happy, feeling accomplished, but also sad, feeling like tomorrow I will be mourning the loss of this amazing community. I have loved getting to know you better this month through your amazing writing. Now I will be looking forward to Tuesdays! Thanks for the wonderful encouragement this month!

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