March SOL Challenge #30





A tiny device that goes by the name of “Fittbit”

One inch on all sides – pocket sized.  Black.

Tap the tiny screen face and you’ll probably see zero’s all around because it hasn’t been worn in over 24 hours.

You will also probably see the smiley face turned into a frown.

Last seen:  Friday night.  In my pocket.

Willing to pay a reward of many “thank you’s” if found

This little device is really  missing from my life.  I have no idea how many steps I took all day yesterday.  I recently got back on the treadmill and was thrilled to watch my number of steps dramatically rise by six and seven thousand each time.  The little guy has become a new friend.

Please help get him back to his owner.  He needs to count.  He’s probably afraid out there…alone….no belt to be clipped to.

Or, maybe I’ll just go to Best Buy today and buy another one……


14 thoughts on “Missing

    1. ha ha! Good idea, Lynn!! The last time I saw it was Friday night at a concert. It was in my pocket. It must have dropped out. 😦 Thanks for the suggestion, though!

  1. I just got a fitbit and can understand your need to know your steps! I am sorry that it is missing. The same thing happened to my dad on the golf course and he immediately went and got a new one. I hope you find it!

  2. Ah…the poor little guy…I hope he finds you soon…and if not…I hope he finds another happy home. What will happen…you will get a new one and then this little guy will show up.

  3. I know you miss him….I believe this is the second time you have blogged about him…..hope he finds his way back home to you. I would be devastated if mine was missing. 😦

  4. So sorry you have lost your Fitbit. I’m fascinated by the devices, but I promise I do not have yours. I do not have any Fitbits. I think it would be grand to have something keeping track of my steps and my sleep. Hmmm, maybe I need to go buy one.

    I hope your Fitbit is found soon!


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