What I Know




March SOL Challenge #29


Today was my mom’s birthday.

We spent the majority of the day together.

As I was saying goodnight to her tonight I wished her a final Happy Birthday.   She was quiet and then said, “yes, but I’m getting older.”  Of course I dismissed it and said, “yes, just like the rest of us!!”  It seemed to appease her.  Who knows for sure.

I walked slowly down the hallway back to my condo thinking about those words. We’re all getting older.  Yes, that is a fact.  There are a few things I understand, that I know, as I get older.  As I age I realize that…

The small things DO matter.  I used to think we weren’t supposed to “sweat the little things.”

I am in charge of how I feel on any given day.  I used to think the situation I was in or the people I was with could make or break my mood.

I can get through seemingly insurmountable situations,  I used to think a situation like Cancer could break me.

I can drive in snow storms and get to my destination safely.  I used to think my nerves would get the better of me resulting in a bad accident at some point.

I can discipline myself to sit down and write for 31 days straight.  I used to think I would run out of things to write about.   I’m not quite there, but very close.  And, actually,  I was a bit worried that writing today might not happen!  I Know I Can.


11 thoughts on “What I Know

  1. You write because YOU are a writer. Despite the twists and turns of a day, you know the feeling that sitting down and writing brings to you. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  2. I’m always on night patrol, Carrie. 🙂 That was a sweet exchange you depicted with your mom, there’s such a content peace that rings from it… and such thoughtful reflections. From the, “insurmountable situations,” to the small stuff, it’s amazing what we are capable of accomplishing if the will is there. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. Carrie! You’re mom and my mom have the same birthday???? We never knew that of each other. No wonder you make me think of my mom whenever you talk about your mom. Hey, you and I will do just fine growing older. We have our moms as great role models.

  4. What a beautiful piece showing such personal growth. Sometimes we underestimate our own potential – when really, it is beyond our imagining. Have joy in your journey!

  5. Moms seem to be the highlight of writing today. I’m so glad you feel safe enough to share your mother wiih us. Moms have given us a lifetime of slices. Behind every writer is a mom who encouraged and set the fire for creativity.

  6. I was later than both of you and Sneezy Knees last night! I think I had 3 minutes to spare and am just getting to reading all I’ve missed this weekend. Happy birthday to your mom. The reference about driving in snow storms and getting there safely is a good analogy for us Midwesterners and overcoming obstacles of all sizes. I like it a lot;$

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