The Haves and Have Nots



March SOL Challenge #28


It’s hot.

Mozzarella cheese melted.  Draped over the beef.  Dripping over the bread and onto the plate.

The bread, with a hint of garlic,  is slightly wet from the juice.  Just enough to make the bread moist and yummy.

Sweet peppers.  Luscious.  Cut large and fresh.

Smells wafting through the air…..toward you.

I’m sorry for you.  For you cannot have a taste.

You must eat a grilled cheese sandwich today.

Plain cheese melted on bread.  Dry.  No smells drifting.  No juice dripping.  Maybe a pickle, or two and a glass of water to help wash it down.

Just a few more Fridays to go and the tortuous ban on meat will finally be lifted!

Until then, keep your hands off my sandwich!

Happy Lent.


This slice was inspired by my suffering Catholic friend as she watched me down a luscious beef sandwich for lunch on this Friday of Lent.

Thanks, Kathy!


8 thoughts on “The Haves and Have Nots

  1. Oh my goodness, I am about ready to gnaw at my hand. My mouth is watering. Now this is my kind of slice, about my true passion…food! Where’s the beef? Wendy’s? 🙂

  2. OMG! I love grilled cheese, but you make it sound so blah in comparison. And I’m not even a big beef sandwich person! That’s how good your description is. I’m thinking Kathy wasn’t amused by your flaunting or impressed with your prose!

  3. Oh Lent. The only 6 Fridays of the year that I crave meat! I loved the title of this. It is so true! My husband jokes that he is going to eat a juicy steak on Fridays in Lent just to be cruel, but he never does:) Just an excellent Slice!

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