Thanks, Boss! :-)



SOL March Challenge #25


Between the ages of 16-25 I worked 8 different jobs.  Some were good.  Some were OK.  Some were very bad.  Only 3 of them lasted longer than 5 years.  Looking back on those 10 years I learned many lessons, with one common thread that, once learned, served me well from that point forward.

I had a boss who told me I needed to smile more.  So, as I filled the salad bar I smiled nice and big!   This seemed like a pretty simple lesson.  Smile.  More.

I had a boss who was imprisoned while I worked for his company.  I’m not sure what he did, but I remember having to find his house, somewhere on the south side, to get paid….before he went to jail and the record store closed for good.  I was relieved and smiling as I walked down his driveway  safe and sound and with my final pay check!

I was gently “let go” from a Greek restaurant where it became quickly apparent that I couldn’t balance soup, salad, drinks, and appetizers all before the main course.  I smiled gratefully as my boss put me and my customers out of our misery!

I was Christmas help at 2 of my 8 jobs.  I learned how to hustle and deal with crabby holiday shoppers.  I also learned that I did not want a future career in retail.  I smiled calmly as they cried and yelled at me because we didn’t have the right size, color, or style that they just had to have for the perfect gift that they had just begun to shop for on Christmas Eve!

I found my niche at a pizza joint for 6 years.  I worked for a local family whose business became my home away from home.  I was back to waitressing, but here I was able to handle the pizza and beer.  No problem!  I made enough money to pay my bills and also made some lasting friends along the way.  I smiled happily as I worked my way through college and eventually had a festive send-off to my very first job in my chosen career.  I kept smiling and never looked back!

Valuable  lesson learned.  Thanks, Boss!!  🙂


9 thoughts on “Thanks, Boss! :-)

  1. I read posts about jobs and often wonder if I’ve had too few. I only had 2 bosses before my chosen career. I love the lessons you threaded throughout.

  2. Smile more – 2 little words with huge implications! I guess it served you well! You not only smile a lot but you laugh so often. We are lucky to have that laugh echo through the office as it makes it a cheerful environment and one can’t help but smile when Simone laughs. So, thanks boss! 😉 I love how you talk about going to pick up your check from you boss who was being jailed. You speak of such a serious incident as a teenager who just wants her check – thanks dude, hope you get out soon! Made me chuckle. Great slice!

  3. Man, can I relate! Great topic. I may have to borrow it. I OFTEN reflect, even with students sometimes, on the many variety of places life takes you and the life lessons you learn along the way… the humble journey…all the little stepping stones… Yes. I’ve waited many a table, many crabby customers, and I also had a crooked boss, whom, unfortunately never went to jail, but yes, I did have to go into the restaurant 3-4 times and demand payment. He never did! I, also, kept smiling anyhow and forged ahead. 🙂 thank god we did.

  4. So true- those early jobs in our life can have such an impact on our learning. I’ve been thinking about slicing about my days of waiting tables. It’s like those jobs are getting you ready for you career.

  5. Ugh, I was a waitress for many, many years. I could carry the tray, but I couldn’t handle the crabby customers!

    This is sound advice. I have to work on my smiling. I’m going to make an effort. Next time you see me, you’ll notice a smile. 🙂

  6. I was a waitress for many years amongst other random jobs also. I’m going to steal this topic, I think. I really want to know why one of your bosses was in jail though.

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