March SOL Challenge #26


Get everything all set up.

Can’t wait to finally get in bed

Turn the fan up to high.

Get snuggly under the covers

Heating pad warming up

Heating pad really, really warming up

Strange smell in the room, making me cough

Must be smells from the newly opened window

Turn heating pad down

Flames are coming up

Jump out of bed screaming so loud my throat still hurts

Holding heating pad with flames shooting out

Cut toes bleeding all over floor from jumping out of bed so quickly

Heating pad out on the balcony now


Nightgown burnt up


My nightgown.  Holy crap.  This was no joke.  Still shaking.

20140325_232017 (2)


13 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. CARRIE!!! Your love for being warm and cool at the same time has really gotten you in trouble! I was feeling very relaxed as your were describing your bedtime routine only for my heart to start racing, but yet still wondering if you were being creative with a crazy ending, only to find out nope, you were serious. How scary! Glad you are ok, except for your little toes. They will know qualify for the scabby toe category. 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you read my slice about my fear of fire, but I saw this coming when you mentioned heating pad. I am glad you are okay. What an absolutely frightening experience. Thank God you weren’t sleeping!!

  3. I was enjoying the warmth you created at the beginning then BAM a fire! I felt like I jumped too! I bet you didn’t sleep much after that- it takes so long to calm back down into a peaceful state when something like that happens. Very effective structure for this piece.

  4. Oh my god! That’s a burn alright! Good thing you’re okay. That being said this kind of made me giggle a little, you burning up thinking oh it’s just the smells outside. I did that once with my hair. Lost a good chunk to thinking it was just a weird smell somewhere else and not being too close to a candle in the tub.

  5. Oh My God!! Soooooo scary…..and yet so funny! You really are a writer! The way you were able to put this piece together….The fact that you are slicing about something so frightening….”still shaking”….fabulous! I am very,very happy you are okay….so please don’t think me insensitive. Your poor bleeding toes:-(

  6. Now here I was thinking this was going to be a story about sleeping with the fan on high blowing in your face in the middle of winter….Oh no, a twist.. Well here’s to rest sans the fan AND the heating blanket. Glad you are okay.

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