Grandma’s Floor. Grandma’s Love


March SOL Challenge #22

I don’t have strong memories of my grandmother.  She died when I was about 16.  I know we traveled about 2 1/2 hours to visit her every couple of months.  We’d pile in the car and head south.   As soon as we pulled into town I went straight to my cousins house down the street.

My grandma was very quiet.  She smiled a lot and was always very agreeable.  I know now that this is where my mom got her quiet and gentle personality.  It makes me appreciate my grandmother all the more today.

A memory that stands out vividly for me comes from a certain room in my grandma’s house.  Her kitchen.  I can almost feel it now.  The way my grandma’s kitchen floor felt under my feet…..






When I think of my grandma’s house my thoughts immediately go to that floor.

I couldn’t wait to run to the kitchen the minute I got out of bed.

I couldn’t wait to sit at the kitchen table while grandma made breakfast.  My toes tickling that spongy floor.  That floor was love to me.  It represented my grandma and all of her tenderness and devotion to her family.

I didn’t know exactly how the whole thing worked when I was a kid.  How the floor was heated.  I thought my grandma had such a special house – such a unique house – that she was the only person in the world who had a heated floor.  I liked believing that.  It made me feel safe.  Special.  Loved.


15 thoughts on “Grandma’s Floor. Grandma’s Love

  1. I love how you said you don’t have strong memories of your grandma, but yet you do. You zoned in on what you remember most. And you made the connection from her personality to your mom’s.

  2. “My toes tickling that spongy floor.” The use of the word tickling is just prefect. It paints a picture of such a warm but cheerful feeling. It’s funny how one little thing can elicit such feelings of safety and love…and of all things the floor. Love this slice!

  3. Oh, your Slice brought back such a huge flood of memories of me about my own grandma’s apartment. The smells, the sights…. everything. It’s so funny to think about because my mom lives in that apartment now – which has it’s own unique set of memories.
    This was great – so descriptive.

  4. I noticed the way you structured the words “Warm Soft Comforting Floating Squishy” The separateness made them seem to stand out -like this memory- and the fact that they are tucked in the middle of the piece feels warm and comforting- just like your grandma’s floor.

  5. I really like this. So interesting how you mention you don’t have strong memories, and yet can recall minute details and are able to so aptly capture the comforting feelings the floor of her home provided you. I couldn’t help noticing the symbolism here, also… the quiet gentle nature of your Grandmother and your mother… the soft, warm foundation of the floor. There’s such parallel there. I REALLY like this. It has stuck with me.

    1. Carrie, I think we may be related……I felt the exact same way in my grandma’s kitchen, on my grandma’s floor…..Warm, soft, floating, comforting, and especially squishy!! SUCH great memories for me too! 🙂

  6. What is it about grandmother’s floors that stick out in memory? Is it because we were smaller people? Warm and squishy. Yes, that’s how the floor feels. Really descriptive small details that just make the memory pop. Really lovely slice.

  7. Carrie, I love this piece. It mad me think about my grandma. I especially liked the structure of it, the way each word kind of stood on its own. I could almost see you closing your eyes, remembering the feel of that floor. I think maybe it’s a grandma thing, because I remember the warmth of my grandma’s floor, too!

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