Listen for Me


SOL March Challenge #21

Listen for me on a spring morning,

on a sunny morning,

on a rainy morning.

Listen for me as the sun or fog rise in the morning,

The morning is my favorite time for song.


Watch for me as I busily hop around in the grass,

looking for worms in the grass,

looking for nesting supplies in the grass.

I am busy eating and working in the grass,

so that I may nourish my body and prepare for my babies.


I may arrive in your neighborhood while it is still cold,

Snow cold,

Dark cold.

I manage to find shelter here or there while it is cold,

Waiting until just the right moment to show my brilliant red breast to the world.


If you don’t live near trees you may have to wait to hear my song,

my beautiful, melancholy song,

a  sound that makes others want to break out in song,

Stunning music fit for an entire orchestra of natures finest song,

for all to listen in amazement.


Listen for me on a spring morning,

on a sunny morning,

on a rainy morning.

Listen for me as this new day dawns,

for I will sing you awake and fill your heart with hope.


I created my poem directly from a mentor text; Song of the Water Boatman & Other Pond Poems, by Joyce Sidman and Beckie Prange.  The poem; Listen for Me.


8 thoughts on “Listen for Me

  1. I think my favorite stanza is the second one. I can picture the quick hopping around on the grass, the head going up and down for worms, looking around. I am busy eating and working in the grass….I’m adding this line to my notebook.

  2. Look at you… Trying all kinds of things in this challenge! This was a wonderful poem. Do I remember you saying, you were going to be writing about them birds soon? 🙂 I like the structure – repetition of the last word. “For I will sing you awake and fill your heart with hope.” What an uplifting line! Makes me excited for spring!

  3. I love love love the poem. But can’t help cringing at the subject. Seeing that flash of red is unwelcome in this house. I’m a spring Scrooge I suppose. But your writing is STELLAR!!

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