The Invisible Man


March SOL Challenge #17

I stand here on the corner with my sign.

I am invisible.

I am here.

I am cold.

I am humiliated.

I am here.

People drive by in their cars.

Their eyes never meet mine.

What has brought me to this place?

Is there anything else I could have done?

Should I do something else?

A kind woman cruises up to my corner.  She barely stops.  She rolls down her window and hands me a bill.  I unfold it.  It is $10.00!  What did I do to deserve this?  Does she think I will use it to buy alcohol?  Drugs?

No.  I will buy some hot coffee and a hot meal.  It will be the first one I’ve had in a month.

I am still cold, but my heart is warmed.

I am here.

Someone saw.


11 thoughts on “The Invisible Man

  1. I saw a man with his teenage son at a Hawks game stop and talk to a homeless man. He gave him money and talked to him for few minutes. As they walked away he said to his son, “You never know how they got there, you cant judge you just help” It was beautiful

  2. I see this man all of the time, in the same area. My heart goes out to him, just like you conveyed in this post. I think people often judge too much without having a clue about their story. Everyone has a story. There is a reason he is there.

  3. This makes me rethink my thoughts when I am the one driving by. Maybe I should pay attention, maybe I should notice more. I loved this post and how it highlights the huge impact a kind gesture can really make!

  4. This is deep…really deep. Why do we avert out eyes when we see someone in this situation? Is it out of fear? Or guilt? Or do we just not want to be bothered? Is he “not my problem”? If this doesn’t make every one of us stop and reflect, I don’t know what will.

  5. Everyone has a story. So true. I had to read this aloud to someone I was next to when I was reading it. They were really touched by it. Soulful meaning and intent.

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