No Tresspassing!


SOL March Challenge #14

I was stretched out laying on my lawn chair.  Eyes shut tight.  The sun kissing my skin. The soft breezes gently brushing my hair back.  The cool air bouncing off the Caribbean waters.  The sounds of the gulls as they dip in and out of the sea honing in on their next meal.  This tranquil morning was heaven on earth spent on the Island of St. John.  So peaceful.  So quiet.  Time stood still.  A beach that I could have stayed on for days and weeks, if given the chance.   It was so great – until I heard the following words uttered ……”Carrie, don’t move, don’t look –  there is a dinosaur under your chair!”

“What, I asked???”  Time stood still in a different way now.  I was frozen.  “What should I do???”  I imagined this huge slimy thing just inches from my skin.  Was he going to bite me?  Was he going to jump up in my lap?  When should I/ could I move?  Kathy’s eyes were popping.  Her jaw was hanging.  She held her hands about 3 feet wide to let me know just how long this reptile was.  Now I was really freaked out.  At this point Lynn, who had been sleeping under her enormous blue and white striped umbrella, stood up and ever so calmly picked up a long stick.  I sat still, like a mannequin, wondering…….

Will he get angry when he’s poked with a stick?  I sure hope not!

Will his long, creepy, sticky tongue lap around to the top of the chair where I happen to be sitting?  I sure hope not!

Will any of his lizard friends come join him in this very private place….under my chair?  I sure hope not!

Lynn did her thing.  She poked and gently prodded until Lizzy decided it was time to move on and find someone else to terrorize.

…..Back to paradise for me!


9 thoughts on “No Tresspassing!

  1. Seriously? What kind of lizard was it? Like an iguana? I hate lizards and dinosaur sized ones. Yuckkkkkk. Great vacation slice though. Love the way you described the beginning. SO relaxing!

  2. Loved the Slice, cringed the whole time! I would have bolted from that chair with lightning quickness! I was picturing a mini T-Rex under your chair!!! Excellent!

  3. I love the effect of the repeated line “I hope not”, I could totally hear your voice there. Oh the thought of relaxing on a beach, without snow, with wind blowing in my hair, without a winter coat…………..

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