I Can Remember


SOL March Challenge #8


I try to memorize their faces as they walk past me in a flurry.  So I can remember.

How can this be?  Everywhere I look.  More people rushing through.

Are they going to be OK?

Why do they have to be here?

Each individual person fighting their individual battle

Every nationality

Every gender

Every age

Some looking concerned, with a furrowed brow.  Are they at the beginning of their journey, did they just receive bad news?

Some looking despondent, down at the floor.  Are they in the middle of their journey, will they be turning a (mental/physical) corner soon?

Some looking tired, moving very slowly.  Are they toward the end of their journey, will things begin to get better?

I wonder to myself.  Why so many people?  So many sick?

I set out to remember each face as they pass.

They deserve to be seen as individuals.  Remembered for who each of them are.  Not just a face blending into a crowd of many.

So……I study.  I look.  I acknowledge.  I smile.  I nod.  I hold doors. I share greetings.  I help.   I remember.






16 thoughts on “I Can Remember

  1. I feel that at the beginning of this piece, you took a more passive role as an observer, but then it changed so definitively as you wrote, “They deserve to be seen as individuals…I study…I smile…” and ends so strongly with “I remember.” I love the recognition of these people as people, not as illnesses. Great slice, Carrie!

  2. I see your heart in this slice! So moving! I love how you start out with trying to remember and ending with I remember. This one will stick with me. Thanks.

  3. Very powerful and very emotional. I have actually experience this first hand…..I get it….and appreciate what your words are conveying!! Incredible!

  4. There’s something so striking about that first line: “I try to memorize their faces as they walk past me in a flurry. So I can remember.” Immediately I’m pulled in and I’m thinking about those faces and wondering who they are and why you need to remember them. This piece puts me in mind of the book that Ellin shared with Lisa’s fourth graders (sorry, can’t remember the name). It feels the same way, the mood or tone. The need of the photographer to take those photographs, to tell those stories. The enormity of his task. I get the same feeling from reading this piece. So powerful and touching. Beautifully done, Carrie.

  5. I LOVE this piece- the structure, the thoughtfulness behind it, the reminder that each of us is a unique person that has a story, we all matter. You are making these peoples lives better by simple actions.

  6. I am in awe of your ability to write so honestly and in such a refreshing way (not sure that word fits) about a subject matter that breaks so many hearts.

  7. OMG. I didn’t read any other comments before writing mine here now, because I didn’t want my thoughts to be influenced. What you say here is what helps get you through days like yesterday and what is coming up. It is absolutely beautiful and from the heart. If I were one of those passing people, making eye contact with you, I know I would feel your compassion.

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