Color My World


March SOL Challenge #9

Sun reaching for the heavens as the bright ginger orb gradually stretches out of the water.  Transitions.  Blazing red.  Glorious orange.  Soft auburn.

Magnificent show.

Cobalt waters moving in and out of emerald and jade.  Waves smash against the jagged rocks along the shore.

Puffy clouds hang over sparkling waters.  Mirroring their image as they perch over the seas.   Painting themselves directly below.

Daydreams become full of color, tinted by indigo.

Shadows loom.  The city skyline echoed in the smooth-as-glass waters.  Translucent and pure.  Aqua buildings dance about.

Moon rising over the lake.  Pale blue reflection of lunar shine.  Illuminated sphere ranging wide.  A lone boat gracefully travels through the swirls of light.  Awash in white.

Fireworks sparkle and glisten against the ebony sky.  A stunning display near and far.

My world is drenched in color.

Painted anew each day.

Dipped in stars each night.

Author’s Note: I changed my title literally 6 times before I settled on this one.


22 thoughts on “Color My World

  1. “Daydreams become full of color, tinted by indigo” and “Dipped in stars at night” are my favorite lines. It’s so clear how you observe the colors in the world. Lovely.

  2. “Transitions. Blazing red. Glorious orange. Soft auburn.”
    This is what I see on the east coast each morning in different hues depending on the impending weather. I love your poem. Do you bring those colors into your home? They are all through my house. Nice meeting you…color person!

  3. I can’t even exclaim how much I love the spectrum you’ve captured here. I’m a color fanatic! I guess if I had to pick just one to spotlight it would be the part where you talk through the transitions and softly lay them out. I know this is color and not food but the imagery is delicious.

  4. Holy heck Cahill! Brilliant…so descriptive, so…colorful! The words seem so carefully chosen so you could portray the spectacular scene exactly how you see it. I am blown away. I can’t choose any one part that I love…the entire entry is magnificent!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

  5. Carrie, I can’t even come close to choosing lines that popped for me. They all did. What a wonderful job of describing color in the beauty of nature. And the title you chose was perfect! (As I read your author’s comment, I realized I was going to change the title on the post I just made and forgot to do so… …oh, well).

  6. Oh My God, Carrie!! “Sun reaching for the heavens as the bright ginger orb gradually stretches out of the water. Transitions. Blazing red. Glorious orange. Soft auburn. I am not sure if I want to run outside or paint a picture…..but I am definitely inspired by the images of beauty that are dancing in my brain!! Such splendor…!

  7. As I read, I sense a feeling of being humbled by the daily show in front of you. “My world is drenched in color. Painted anew each day.” It’s as if this world is for you alone to see. But I will share it with you the next time I see that spectacular sunrise out my window.

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