Size Does Matter


SOL March Challenge #7

I am obsessed with exercise, weight loss, eating healthy, and the like.  Why, you say, am I not thinner and healthier then?  Well, I didn’t say I actually followed the stuff, I just said I’m obsessed with (thinking about) it.

I have a subscription to “Shape” magazine.  I love to read about all the healthy recipes that I could be making and all the exercises that I should be doing.  The time I take to read this magazine should be spent cooking and moving.  I know!

I own a treadmill.  I bought it about 12 years ago.  It had its place in my previous townhome on the second floor that was a loft that overlooked the first floor living room.  I had a little T.V. there and could look out the window, too, if I wanted.  I used it pretty regularly.  I was in my 30’s and 40’s then.

When I moved to the city my trusty treadmill moved with me.  My obsession with exercise continued, but my treadmill gathered dust.  Life was different when I moved to my urban high rise.  I walked more outside….sometimes.  I’ve gotten reacquainted with  my dusty treadmill over the past couple of years.  Not as often as I would like, but years don’t go by in between walks anymore.  The decade of my 50’s just isn’t quite as active as the previous ones.

Then I bought an Aero Pilates machine from QVC (another obsession for another slice) last fall.  I was sure this was the machine that was going to get me moving!  I used it a couple of weekends faithfully at first.  Then we had to move it out of the extra bedroom for overnight guests during the holidays.  It went into my bedroom.  It’s somewhat crammed in there.  Not a lot of space to move and stretch.  I’ve probably used it three times.  Another obsession gathering dust.

My latest score on the road to a healthier me is my “fitbit.”  This little teeny, tiny device may be having the biggest impact on my quest for  fitness.  It’s about 2 inches in all directions, fits in my pocket, and gives me valuable information every time I tap its little face.  It’s always with me.  It doesn’t gather dust.  It was inexpensive.  It’s lightweight.  On days when I have back to back meetings at work I am reminded that I walked the least amount of steps on that day.  Now, when I go to a school to visit a classroom, I try to get there early so I can walk through the building.  Of course I do this mainly so I can see people, say “hi” and see what everyone is up to…..but these short walks also add healthy steps to my day.  Yay me!

It’s turning out that the smallest piece of equipment I’ve obsessed over in the name of health and fitness may end up having the most positive influence on my life.  Which is proof of what they say;  size does matter!


21 thoughts on “Size Does Matter

  1. Love the ending!!! Enjoyed reading the truth about your struggle. I think we all have stories we can tell like that… it’s not easy…you are not alone!

  2. Okay I totally and completely understand. My understanding but complete lack of compliance with all things healthy is an excuse I fall back on constantly.
    I too loved the ending!

  3. We’ve all had fitness equipment gather dust, or laundry in my case. I plan to look into this Fitbit toy right now! Enjoyed your post!

  4. I love that something so tiny can be so validating. Your honesty is fantastic- I too have a treadmill aching to be used more…this really captured my attention and held it throughout the entire piece.

  5. Carrie, I do the same thing. I obsess over my weight and think about it all the time. I try so hard to be healthy. My birthday is on Monday and I asked for the fitbit…however then found out the one I wanted was recalled! Nooooooooooo! I still want the older model though, I hope I get it. I’ll have to ask you about it sometime!

  6. Been there, done that…..still am when it comes to obsessions now gathering dust. I totally agree with you about the fitbit. I love mine, and has kept me motivated longer than anything else. That’s just like the app on my phone that helped me quit smoking….without the help of patches or meds. Who’d have thought that something so little could be so good?

  7. Your piece is completely me. I do stuff like that all the time. I might have to try this fitbit thing and see what the rage is all about. Thanks you sharing your true self.

  8. Your title definitely got my attention. Your goal about writing more uplifting and humorous pieces is coming through. Just curious, how many steps do you have today? LOL.

  9. I love this. The honesty, relating to it, it’s what we’re all obsessed about if we’re honest. But years don’t go by in between walks was my favorite. All we can do is try, right?

  10. I too obsess like everyone here. And I also have that treadmill I had to buy collecting dust in my basement. I totally get the walking around the school to say “hi” and killing two birds with one stone effect. I do that with parking if I’m out and about. I don’t creep around for the best spot, I just go straight for the last one. Then there’s no huffing and gruffing and searching. Only me, low blood pressure, and a nice walk!

  11. I know what you mean about being obsessed with your fitbit. I have a Jawbone Up, and I love to see how much I slept or how many steps I took that day. Glad you found something that worked for you!

  12. Love the title and the ending! I love how you write about a subject most of us have experienced…the world of fitness machines aging in our homes crying to be put out of their misery! Kudos to the fitbit!

  13. I absolutely got the first paragraph! I can totally hear your voice. The insertion of the parentheses (thinking about) created just the right touch of tongue-in-cheek humor that I love.

  14. How I love honesty. I too am obsessed with fitness, although I’m not sure if I’m more obsessed with fitness or the countdown clocks and alarms on the infomercials alerting me to a new sale….Me and infomercials, QVC, ebay…

  15. Such a well-layered piece; “size does matter” could have described anything and I was like, are we getting bigger or smaller with these machines? Smaller machine, bigger obsession? That’s what I took away, in the best way. The Fitbit is a revolutionary little trinket running around my family. Now I totally know why I see you more often ALL THE WAY down at my Springfield room. It’s like the other end of the world for that school.

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