Timmy and Brandon


SOL March Challenge #6

I am so grateful when I have time in my day to check out what the students in my district are up to.  I appreciate it for the gift that it is.

Yesterday I meandered into the school library and found a couple of 4th grade boys with their heads in a book.

I couldn’t resist.

I sat down and listened in as they read.

Two boys and a one book.  About myth busting.   Perfect.

“Wow!  Is it a myth that cats always land on their feet?”, Timmy asked.

To which Brandon replied (with beaming pride) “No, I think that’s really true.  Me and Jermaine are the animal experts in the classroom.  My favorite animal is the alligator.” (Huge Smile)

Brandon (reading on),  “Myth busted, partially.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.”

“This is a pretty cool book!”  (That was me.)

I ask the boys, “Have you guys checked out your book?”

“Yes.  I renewed this book!”

Next page.

Timmy reads on,  “Here’s another one……is it a myth that sharks kill hundreds of people every year?”

“Oh no, I’m sure that’s a myth!  Actually, it’s the exact opposite.  People kill hundreds of sharks every year,” Brandon says with authority.

The whole time I’m thinking……Wow.  These kids are brilliant.  So intuitive.  So curious.

All at once I am overwhelmed with so many feelings and reminded immediately, because of these two in front of me, of the responsibility I have for them and for the other 2,000 Timmy’s and Brandon’s sitting in classrooms, playing on the playground, eating in the lunchroom.

The other overwhelming sensation?  I love my job.


12 thoughts on “Timmy and Brandon

  1. I often wondered if it was a myth when so many people said that they had a friend who met Lionel Richie in a hotel elevator in Las Vegas. Then, one day in Chicago, I met Jon Lovitz in an elevator at the Wit. True story. I’m glad that your students are starting Myth busting at an early age.

      1. In fact, I must name a few missed opportunities: Mike Ditka, Andrea Bocelli, and a scary clown that was stalking you.

  2. What a great conversation to walk in on! I love that one of the boys said he renewed the book! I wanted to be sitting next to you, listening to this conversation. It is such a gem when I stumble across these conversations in my own classroom. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Have I met these cuties? Love their passion and smartiness! We can always find something to write about when we work with kids. So cool.

  4. I think this is one of the best parts of being a teacher! Listening to my students sharing ideas, asking questions, showing real excitement…such an amazing feeling! I, too, love my job! 🙂

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous scene. I can see it so clearly. I had that kind of day yesterday. A Hmong speaking 4th grader told me, in a conversation about how language can cause us to have an aesthetic experience, “It’s like the author just writes a letter just to you.” I agree. Don’t we have the best work in the world?

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