“Please Try”, Said the Pie! OLW


SOL March Challenge #4

My one little word takes me back to my favorite childhood book; “I Can’t” said the ant.


From this well-loved little book I’ve thought up some of the reasons why Try is my “one little word” for 2014…..

Try…..not can’t

Try…..not done

Try…..don’t give up

Try…..not won’t

Try…..not yeah, but

Try…..not a solution looking for a problem (thanks Diane!)

How about…….


Try…..there’s more

Try…..I’m open

Try…..ok to not be perfect

Try…..jump in and get a little on ya!

Try…..I can do this!


16 thoughts on ““Please Try”, Said the Pie! OLW

  1. Your post is adorable!

    I especially love the “jump in an get a little on ya.”

    You have inspired me to try extra hard today.

  2. Carrie, I love your OLW and I love this slice. Kudos to you writing about your OLW, I know you said this is one thing you wanted to do. It’s funny the little things we remember like that favorite childhood book. After reading this, I think of a childhood book I remember,and how it relates to my OLW. Thank you for that, I’ll be writing this in a future post!

  3. Get a little on ya! Hilarious! Isn’t that truly our ‘life story’? To get a little on us? Try is a perfect word.

    1. And……It did! Yeah! Yippee! You exemplified what my slice was all about! You kept trying, never gave up, you said, “I can do this!!!!!” Way to go, Kim!!!!!! Thanks for being so persistent for me and my slice! 🙂

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