Saturday vs Sunday


SOL March Challenge #2


I love you both.  You each bring your own unique traits that make you special in my eyes.

Saturday.   With your arms open wide.  It’s as if I hear you saying……

“Come.  We have all day.  Run your errands.  Even with the few obligations you have, we are still flexible today!”

Saturday, you provide me with time to:

Wear comfy clothes,

Go makeup-free,

Wake up just a bit later,

Use the leave-in moisturizer in my hair to make up for the products all week,

Tend to the loads and loads of clothes awaiting laundry (You know I love that!),

Get my mom out of her condo so she doesn’t forget what the world looks like, smells like, feels like,

Stay up a bit later at night…watching movies, going out to a concert., sitting on the balcony reading and watching the city lights…..


Sunday.  With your arms open wide.  It’s as if I hear you saying…..

“Come.  We have all day.  Albeit the last day before the work week begins, we still have time to get things done today!”

Sunday, you provide me with:

A continuation of comfy clothes, no makeup, and loads of laundry patiently awaiting their turn,

A quiet morning to rise a little earlier than yesterday with time all to myself (case in point – right NOW!),

Time for walking on the treadmill, because I’ve learned one day a week is better than no days a week,

A slow and easy time to make breakfast that usually turns into brunch while sipping coffee and listening to the Coffee House on the radio (which stays on all day),

Time to bring the coffee frother out.  I know that’s not a word, but we’ve named it for what it does.  It froths milk in your coffee and it’s heaven right here at home.

Time to reflect and plan for the coming week,

Time for grocery shopping for two households with time to think, rather than running through the store grabbing stuff off the shelves in a hurried frenzy,

Time for the unexpected to happen….a friend to drop by or a walk through the city – which is never OK during those other days of the week,

A day to light the candles in the house early because they have all day to flicker and burn and send lovely smells throughout because we may not be going anywhere,

A night where I don’t fall into bed completely exhausted.

I probably should have left the “vs” out of my title.  It’s not an “either, or” situation.  I started writing this thinking that I would love one weekend day over the other.  I ended realizing just how great each of the days are and how lucky we are to have the time at the end of the week to regroup, reorganize and reenergize!

Happy Sunday everyone!


17 thoughts on “Saturday vs Sunday

  1. Carrie, I love how Saturday and Sunday bring different activities, but are both so relaxing. I especially can related to Saturday- comfy clothes, no makeup, lots of laundry- these are my favorite parts of Saturday too. I love that this writing challenge is helping all of us not only grow as writers, but get to know each other even better.

  2. You describe your busy weekends in such a way that makes them seem full, yet unhurried. Your post reminds me that when the weekend starts to feel like a weekday, it’s definitely time to slow down. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. With two young dancers in my house, Saturday and Sunday are continuations of the Mom Taxi route I drive all week. The difference is the time between pick-ups and drop-offs is all mine. Love my weekends, and I can tell you love yours, too!

  4. Haha… I think because you inserted the “vs” I read your piece with a slight grudge against Sunday- solely based on Sunday’s close association with the dreaded Monday. You’re right though. The weekend does welcome us with, “open arms,” .. After the busy work week it is sometimes my saving grace. 🙂

  5. Loved this piece, made me feel warm and cuddly inside. Right now I am in all my glory….a carefree Sunday afternoon at it’s finest……Sunday nights are a totally different story!

  6. Wow. I love this piece. I think of how Saturday and Sunday are different for everyone, yet they truly do welcome each of us with open arms. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh the joys of weekends! They tend to pass much faster this time of year. True. Both days welcome you, I like to think of Saturday as the let it all go day. Move when you must, sleep in, and make some of the best laid “plans” ever.

  8. Your title which was super simple did so much for me as the reader. I think I read your piece like a competition! At the end, I found out they really are their own days!

  9. Wish I was there with you. I love the way you personified the day. An interesting writing technique indeed! Oh and don’t forget, today is Oscar Sunday! Even better.

  10. As I was thinking about my writing piece for today, I wanted to compare Saturday and Sunday. My title was going to be Weekend Gone! Your weekend like everyone’s weekend is a time to sit back and enjoy life. Don’t rush it, don’t wear make up, read a book, etc. These are things we wish we could do during the week. But we enjoy them better during the weekend. Now I can’t wait until next weekend.

  11. You just made Sunday feel appealing again to me! Especially since I spend my Sunday very much like you do, but usually with a slight negative feel because it is the last ‘free’ day. Now I might actually give Sunday a chance next weekend. 🙂 Wonderful slice!

  12. The “vs.” made me cringe at first because here it is Sunday night and the weekend’s arms are kind of shooing us off to bed. I love the details that we can all relate to here- the make-up freeness, the leave-in treatments, the Saturday hug healing us from the work week. I expected Sunday to be a little meaner but then your continued descriptive left some comforting feelings. Sunday is still part of the weekend and the pep talker for Monday. Really nicely done.

  13. Because of your title, I immediately answered Saturday because I wouldn’t have to go to bed early that night. But, you are right, why choose when both days are wonderful. Now, if you were comparing Saturday and Monday…….. 🙂

  14. Carrie, I think this piece may have changed my mindset forever. I, like others after reading your title thought…Saturday. After reading, I see that Sunday has so much to offer. I’m always frantic, “the weekend is over.” What I need to DO is slow down and pay attention to the fact that I stay in my PJ’s longer…sometimes all day, and all those other little things I take for granted. Next Sunday, I’m ready for you. Thanks Carrie 🙂

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