Five Minute Friday {Visit}


My mom lives in my condo building. Down the hall. I go see her…..visit….almost every day.  I try not to use the word” visit”, though, because it feels like she’s in a nursing home where people have to go visit her. I don’t know if she feels that way, or if it’s just me and my hangups. But I very consciously stay away from the word.

It’s hard though. When you can’t drive anymore. When you are sitting on your couch waiting. Waiting for a phone call or a visitor. How different is it from being in a nursing home?  It’s the step just before that point. We both know it. But, we don’t voice it. If we do we have turned that corner and made a beautiful, downtown high rise with a breathe taking view, into solitary confinement. A resident at a nursing home. Waiting for a visit.





2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {Visit}

  1. I’ll echo Patti’s sentiments – perspective! You live in the building and go see her every day? That is amazing.

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