SOL Tuesday

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Now.  Not yesterday. Not next week. Now.

Now.  We can get this done right away.  Take action.  See what’s going on and take care of it.  Now.

Now.  I love to be around people who seek the truth immediately.  Patience is not their virtue.  They need to know.  Now.

Now.  There will be people who scoff.  Who say it can’t be done right away.  Who say there are channels to go through.  Who actually seem to try to slow us down.  We won’t be thwarted.  We need to act.  Now.

Now.  We need not wait to find out if it’s bad news.  We can learn today that it is not.  I so appreciate those who help us to move forward.  Now.

Now.  We embrace the new day.  We move with a bit more spring in our step.  We appreciate the grace we’ve been given.  We know how lucky we are.  Now.

My poem is a result of an experience at the Dr. yesterday.  A small lump was felt in my friends neck.  She’s been 5 1/2 years cancer-free.  It took 3 hours, but we finally got the ultrasound and biopsy all in that day.  It was benign.  We can breathe again.


5 thoughts on “Now

  1. Oh no, I was holding my breath through this Slice. First and foremost, I’m so, so glad you guys are able to breathe. I know patience is not your strongest virtue (remember your first ever Slice???), and in this case, I’m so glad you both persisted and demanded to know now! Now.

  2. I can feel the bit of frenzy of waiting and wanting. Now. In a time when we all want to slow down this is a reminder that sometimes Now is most important. I’m so glad you can breathe again.

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