Five Minute Friday {Grace}

I’m participating in Five Minute Friday.  Write off a word for 5 minutes, share, and comment on others.  Join us!


The word grace makes me think of a lot of things. 

Grace under pressure

Losing gracefully

Showing the grace of a ballerina

Saying grace at the Thanksgiving table

A girl named, Grace

Showing another person grace

The one that interests me the most; showing another person grace.  Grace is like acceptance.  Like forgiveness.   Working in a school district I constantly wonder if we show enough grace to those with whom we work.  Students.  Parents.  Co-workers. 

All human beings are deserving of grace.  None of us are perfect.  We all make mistakes.  Grace gives us the chance to try again and get it right.  Grace is about understanding these things, but still not expecting perfection.  

Grace.  It’s what I give to you and what you give to me.  It’s what makes living with others tolerable.  It’s the pass.  It’s the nod that’s it’s OK and I trust that you will try again.





3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {Grace}

  1. “It’s the nod that’s it’s OK and I trust that you will try again” How often I experience this- daily. With my students, with myself. I really love the simple truth here. Especially the part of trusting you will try again. It’s not accepting failure or enabling, but hoping, encouraging.. having faith and believing that perseverance will prevail…recognizing the unique value each of us holds. Arrrgg. I love it.

  2. I love the free association you share with the word. I had the same thing happening in my head and like how simple you made it. It’s a small but heavy word that grace. Love this!

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