FIve Minute Friday {Together}

I’m participating in Five Minute Friday.  Write off a word for 5 minutes, share, and comment on others.  Join us!


Together is a good thing.

Sit outside and watch the sun set.  Together.

Cook dinner.  Together.

Clean out the dishwasher.  Together.

Order a bottle of wine.  Drink it.  Together.

Read a great book.  Share it.  Together.

Go on a trip.  Enjoy the sights.  Together.

Experience the horrors and pain of cancer.  Together.

Get through cancer and never look back.  Together.

Take care of aging parents with similar stories.  Together.

Email.  Text.  Call.  Laugh.  500 miles apart.  Together.

Write a book.  Together.

Edit a book 500 miles apart and on the balcony at the same time.  Together.

Watch a movie.  Watch another movie.  Watch 15 more movies.  Together.

Write our stories.  Connect.  Together.

Small moments.  Big moments.  Together.

It doesn’t matter which. 

Together is a good thing.



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