Daily Good

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

I subscribe to a website called “Daily Good”.  This website sends short stories “daily” that have an inspirational message and words to think about.  I look forward to receiving them in my inbox when I wake up in the morning.  Today’s was especially provocative.

“The Most Human of Emotions.  Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom.”  I’ve always been captivated by questions.  Why, if wonder is such a basic human instinct, is it so controversial?  So suspicious?  I know I’ve shared, on this blog and everywhere I else I can, that I was reprimanded for “asking too many questions” when I was in 6th grade.  Why does questioning cause others to become defensive?  To feel threatened?

I watched a video once with Stephanie Harvey and a classroom full of intermediate aged students.  She told them something that I hold dear to me every day……she said to them, “Your questions are the MOST important thing.  Nothing is more important than YOUR questions.”  In school it seems like almost the opposite.  The message we send to students is that OUR questions are most important.  And we ask them thousands a day.  I hope to change this way of thinking with my actions.  My acceptance of questions.  My ability to ask questions that hopefully provoke additional questions.

Reading today’s “Daily Good” gave me some more to think about in terms of “wonder.”  The last line in the blurb was, “As you look at the world this week, find opportunities to wonder, and to say “Wow!”   As I was standing at my kitchen counter, reading this story on my smart phone, I looked up and said, out loud, “WOW!”  I laughed and thought, “Consciously I wasn’t trying to do that.  It just came out!”  Here is what I saw.  I am very  lucky.



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