Sox or Cubs Fan?

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

SOL Tuesday

This not a question I ever asked myself 15 years ago. All that changed when I went to work in my new school district.
My boss asked, “Are you a Cubs or Sox fan?”
Uh Oh, I thought.  Is this a condition of my employment?

“Both”, I said.  Thought I’d play it safe.
“No, you can’t be both. You have to pick one.”
“Why?   That seemed so wrong!  I’m from Chicago and I root for both teams to win!”
“Nope. You have to pick one, otherwise you’re not a true fan.”  A true fan?  How does he know if I’m a true fan, or not??
And so it went. I had to pick. The process of picking actually turned me into a bigger Sox fan and a huge Cub hater. I was all in. Pretty quickly I began to notice other “true fans” and the pure hatred they had for the other team.
Now I can’t even park on the “Cubs floor” at the O’Hare Airport garage!  And, if someone gets on the elevator at said garage I refuse to let them hit that ugly royal blue button.
What has happened to me??
My boss says…..welcome to the club 🙂


11 thoughts on “Sox or Cubs Fan?

  1. This is too funny, but so true here in Chicago. I always like to say that I’m a Chicago fan.

    By the way, I don’t watch baseball. I don’t like baseball. But at a young age, my father and grandfather always rooted for one team. So, I do too.

    I’m a Cubs fan. But I still left you a comment. 🙂

  2. First of all, this is so fun! Second….. Maybe u can help me! I just can’t seem to care like others! I get so jealous when I see these people having all this fun- painting their faces and cheering with pure adrenaline:(
    No fair:(( I wanna feel that way!
    Although I do get the same question And my reply is that I am a “fun-fan”- lol! It works for me! Ps- I like the subvocalization in ur piece!

    1. It IS fun, isn’t it?! You need to keep doing it when you move so we can enjoy each other’s stories. You also have a little over a week to really talk it up at Summer Fun so others will jump in like you did! On the other topic – I was forced into it against my will so I can’t really tell you how to do it on your own 🙂

  3. Like Michelle (like mother, like daughter?) I’m not a real baseball watcher, but hubby watches and roots for the Cubs as did my Dad and brother, thus a Cubs fan. And, I’m still waiting for “next year”, because it doesn’t appear that it will be this year for either the Cubs or Sox. Thanks for sharing. Where do you live in IL?.

      1. I grew up just south of Kankakee and lived in Cary for many years, not residing in Arkansas. Michelle is in Palatine and son is in Fox River Grove.

  4. Cubs fan. Bears fan. But in reality I don’t watch baseball and only like the Bears because of hubby and the ’85 Bears. But we grew up in Northwestern IN. so Chicago fans we are. And cub fans for sure. 😉

  5. Many New Yorkers have the same dilemma with the Mets and the Yankees. (I transitioned from Mets to Yankees in college and haven’t looked back since. But that’s another story.) However, I don’t think we have Mets or Yankees parking “floors” at the NY area airports. Ha!

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