Il Potere Della Musica

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Maestro Riccardo Muti.

Maestro.  Teacher.  Expert.

Conductor.  Listening carefully. Interpreter of music.

“Perfavore Maestro – autografo?”


Music coming from your fingertips.

“The notes are there on the page but there is a whole universe behind them.”

“We must teach young people that an orchestra is the symbol of a society.  Everyone has the same score but with different lines in front of them.  Freedom must exist but should not damage or stop the freedom of the other player.  This is how it should be in a society.”

“Conductors should never speak.  It is up to you to interpret the music for yourself.”

“The beauty of music is that it brings people together.  They may have different colored skin.  Different religions.  Different languages.  But, they have the same heart when they begin to sing and play together.  You create an immediate sort of friendship with people who may live very far away from you.”

“We have a social commitment to continue the tradition and culture that makes music valuable.  It is our best weapon toward a good future.”

That is the power of music.

I am blessed to have been in his presence.

Grazie, Maestro!


7 thoughts on “Il Potere Della Musica

  1. What a fantastic opportunity for you and it’s so sad that kids are getting fewer opportunities to experience music. I feel lucky to be back in a guitar in my hands playing in the Pluck orchestra.

  2. I had to reread the beginning a few times to really enjoy it again and again. The flow and description really hit home. An effective way to lead the reader in and then hit home what is indeed SUCH an important point.

  3. Music is a universal language, so much can be conveyed through the notes. I am in awe of anyone who can play or sing. Music is not my strength, and for that I am sorry.

  4. Another gorgeous entry. The maestro must know that his work has such a profound impact on audiences. I’m sure there are days he wonders in this world of immediate gratification and one hit wonders. You gave him a gift that night by acknowledging his accomplishment and by just being in the audience soaking every note in with every cell.

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