Our Doctor

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

SOL Tuesday

Our appointment comes every year at this time.  Actually we have one every 6 months, but the one in June (just yesterday, to be exact) is the one I most dread.  I questioned myself.  Why do I dread this one so much?  Here it is. This particular 6 month Doctor (the one in December is a different Doctor) is able to feel every single abnormality with her fingers.  Tests are only run to confirm what she already knows.  She’s THAT good.  I sit and carefully watch her face as she’s feeling around and I know if I should worry, or not.

We love our Doctor.  She gets the important stuff out of the way – feeling around with those fingers that are gifted with x-ray vision- and then shares, for just long enough, a few fun things about her family.  Yesterday was about her grouchy son and the baseball game he did not want to play.  It was Father’s Day.  He wanted to stay with the cousins and continue swimming.  He was mad at his mother – our brilliant Doctor –  all the way to the game.  When they got to the field he had everything he needed except his cleats.  So, Doctor Mom dropped him off and ran home for the cleats.  This kid was going to play this game if was the last thing she did!  Her feeing was – if you commit to something (like a baseball team) then you should always be there to play – no matter what.

As I sit here writing this slice I have to confess….I didn’t set out to write about our Doctor’s son and his game.  But, like so many other slices I’ve written this year, it evolved.  I rarely know exactly what I’m going to write until I start writing.  On top of that – until this very moment I didn’t realize how intimately connected my Doctor’s family life is to my respect and appreciation for her.  She reminds me of the woman on those old TV commercials – the kind that can “make the bacon and go home and fry it up in the pan.”  I know her son will grow to appreciate his super mom one day.  For me, when I heard her tell Kathy at the end of our visit, “You look great, I didn’t feel anything in your exam and I’ll start seeing you on a yearly basis” I was so extremely grateful we found her as our Doctor.


2 thoughts on “Our Doctor

  1. Congratulations for moving to yearly visits.
    Our family doctor in Illinois was amazing. Unfortunately he couldn’t move with us. Those amazing doctors are hard to find. I’m glad you have one.

  2. “You look great, I didn’t feel anything in your exam and I’ll start seeing you on a yearly basis”

    Great news to hear! It seemed to me THIS is what you really wanted to write about, and the relief and joy came through in the way you presented the story.

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