Lost Bird

SOL Tuesday

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers



The other evening I was driving down a very desolate country road (I knew I didn’t want to taken out of my comfortable city life).  It was dusk.  The road was empty, except for birds, lots of birds flying.  It’s what they do.  Then, bam.  One of them flew right into the bumper of my car.  I heard the thud.  I didn’t look at my car until the next day.  A piece of my bumper was hanging and there was blood smeared.  But, before I knew all that, I drove along that country road wondering & thinking……

Will his bird family miss him when he doesn’t come home tonight?

What kind of bird was it?  If it was a robin I’ll be much more upset.

Was he dead once he hit the ground, or did he writhe in pain?

Would he even be noticed missing when there are so many hundreds of birds flying around these parts?

Of course, I never got my questions answered.  But that didn’t stop me from thinking about it for days after.   I learned my lesson – keep my car driving on city roads from now on.  Dodging people crossing the street is far better than “the birds” and they don’t leave blood on my bumper!





2 thoughts on “Lost Bird

  1. I think it is the writer in you that asks all those questions and wonders. It is the writer in you that can imagine answers, edit and even write a happy ending if you want. Country drives can inspire all sorts of things. It is sad about the bird though I agree.

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