The Blind Leading the Blind

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

What does it mean to be blind?  To most of us I guess it means – one who can’t see with their eyes.  Then, of course, “love is blind” and sometimes we are “blind to the truth.”  These terms describe a different kind of blind.  What I saw on a street corner the other morning was another interesting interpretation of “blindness”

Three people are crossing a busy Chicago street.  Two are blind – walking and tapping their canes on the cement.  The third one sees.  They clear the main part of the street, but they stop short of the curb.  The seeing person starts talking about where they might go for lunch.  One of the blind people responds and says, “ok, we can decide that in a minute, but first can we move off the street and on to the sidewalk?”

I chuckled and mumbled to myself, “who can ‘see’ and who is the ‘blind’ person here?”


5 thoughts on “The Blind Leading the Blind

  1. I cracked up when I read your post. It is all about being mindful. Those of us who have all of our senses are often too caught up to see what is right in front of our face.

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