Rolling Along in the Morning

SOL Tuesday

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers


Quiet pervades.

Staring.  Eyes averting.

Headphones, music, reading books.

Dance between those getting up for their stop and those just coming in.

The bell dings.  The next stop is announced.

Going to work. Going shopping.  Going to school.  Going somewhere. Rushing.

Strange way to start the day on this Chicago city bus.  So many people coming together for a short time and then off to continue their lives…somewhere else.


7 thoughts on “Rolling Along in the Morning

  1. What a great poem and so true for people on public transport everywhere. I often feel so lonely in my car on my long commute…and wonder about the feeling of being part of a group …community of people moving towards work together rather than separately…

  2. Great poem! I think about the other people I commute with too. i find myself noticing the same cars I am behind on my way to school. So interesting to have this connection to people you don’t know.

  3. Oh my god, I love this one, too. I just read Banach’s slice today and am dying over it and then I read this and I’m dying over this, too!! The opening lines just got me. Quiet pervades…. staring…. eyes averting….. I just sighed.

  4. I like your poem. I often wonder about people whizzing by as I drive to school each day…wonder how the perspective would be different if I were riding the bus…

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