Good Friday – Good Friends

SOL #29

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

As I’ve said in past slices, I’m not a terribly religious person.  I think about today, Good Friday, and it has specific memories for me – and they are all Good.

Good Friday – 1993.  Kathy, Jay and I were sitting in our former school district office.  The offices were closed.  Jay was our Superintendent.  Jay was helping Kathy and I with our paperwork for our Administrative Certificate.  At 12:00 pm Jay stopped talking.  At 3:30 he talked again.  I was very confused.  He said he couldn’t talk because that was the time period when Jesus died on the cross.  This was news to me (the part about not talking – that is!)

Good Friday – 1995.  Kathy, Jay and I (again!) in the cafeteria at Hale Middle School (my new school district).  We were preparing for Breakfast with the Easter Bunny to take place the following morning.  Kathy and I ran out for dinner and brought back chicken.  Jay reminded us that we couldn’t eat it – it was Good Friday – no meat.  I thought… guys can’t eat it, but I can!

Good Friday – 2013.  Kathy, Jay and I (are you sensing a pattern?) together at the condo.  Every year we meet to divvy up our White Sox baseball tickets for the upcoming season.  It’s a tradition.  This time we lingered a little longer.  It’s been close to 6 months since we’ve gotten together so we have a lot to catch up on.  Much has changed in our lives since that Good Friday back in 1993.  Each of us is looking a bit older and moving a bit slower.  One thing that hasn’t changed is our friendship.  Oh, and we made sure to meet well before noon and there was no meat involved!


7 thoughts on “Good Friday – Good Friends

  1. What a great way to reflect on your friendship – using Good Friday as the common thread. I feel like this structure has a name…. I remember it from Wondrous Words…. but I can’t recall it specifically. Whatever it is, you nailed it!!

  2. This is a wonderfully written piece. I agree with Dana, it reminds me of a “time flies” structure where there is a place, or in this case a day that travels through time. Another mentor text for me 🙂 Thanks

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