We go Walking

SOL #25

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers


Father and Daughter.

Father.  A lifetime of giving.  Of serving.  Living in a home for our heroes.

Father.  A strong man.  A man who needs his family.  Who needs his daughter.

Father.  A memory that has faded.

Daughter.  A lifetime of working hard.  Giving to others.  Visiting her father in the home for our heroes.

Daughter.  A strong woman.  A woman who has strong ties to her family.  To her father.

Daughter.  Keeping the memories of her father alive.


10 thoughts on “We go Walking

  1. Great pattern.. symbolic not only to the bonds you share with your father, but to time and how traits of character are passed and carried on through example. Very poignant..and I love the picture.

  2. This is beautiful – “A memory that has faded,” “Keeping the memories of her father alive”. Makes me miss my dad. Beautiful.

  3. Carrie, this is really so great. It’s amazing. I love 100 things about it.

    Everyone from work that is doing this challenge is just blowing me away – I mean, really, everyone is so GOOD. But I just feel you, specifically, have grown the most. I see the most change in your writing. Do you see it? Look at your first slice and look at this one. I can’t wait to reflect with you and hear about what changed you and what you think made you a stronger writer.

    This is so great – good for you!

    1. Thank you Dana 🙂 You’ll never believe this, but I was just looking at my slices from the whole month – seeking inspiration! It turned into a slice about my progress as a writer. Don’t you love how we are STILL on the same wavelength?! But, really, it feels good when people notice our hard work. Another thought to keep in mind when working with our kids!

  4. Carrie, I really like this post. Very powerful. I love the comparisons, the relationship written and described in the lines. I feel like you really captured a touching, emotional bond between father and dauther using very few words. A true writer.

  5. Love the way you wrote this specific blog! It is very touching. The picture adds that much more to it!!! It is simple, yet has such a strong message. Beautiful!

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