SOL #23

Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers
Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers

This overwhelming feeling of happiness swept over me today.  I stood in the shower thinking, “I’m a lucky person…..a blessed person…..I feel grateful.”  Grateful.  That says it best.

I am grateful for my home, my family, my friends, my career.  I didn’t write these in any particular order because it changes almost every day.  Any one of these areas of my life may rise to the top, while others take a back seat – but only temporarily.

I love my work.  There are highs and lows, of course.  But, in my time spent with students and teachers I can always find more than one gem.  Last week I was sitting in a classroom with 12 other educators watching the teaching and learning that was taking place.  I had my writers notebook with me so I could record any inspiration that came my way.  I can’t count how many times I opened up that notebook to get something down!  I jotted down what I saw, how I felt, what I heard and even what people were wearing  -this helped to complete the picture in my head.  I was really glad I did.

Here is what I took in:

The beauty of a teacher and student sitting on the floor together, eye to eye, one talking, the other listening, and then trading places.  The student read her writing.  The teacher listened – with intensity.  The teacher praised her student; the writer.  The student listened – with equal intensity.  They smiled.  They frowned as they struggled to come up with the right words, thoughts, and exact way to get the ideas down.  I watched as the student, in her pink ruffled skirt and matching pink shirt sat next to her teacher, whose eyes were fixed upon her student as if she were the only other person in the room.  I almost felt like I was intruding on this intimate moment between two people hard at work together.  “This is awesome writing!”, said the teacher to the student.  The student’s face beamed, pride oozing from every pore.  She literally skipped back to her comfy writing place in the classroom, inspired and energized by her teacher’s belief in her, and put pen to paper once again.

“I am grateful for this day.  For this moment.  For this student to have this teacher and for this teacher to have this student.”  That’s what I said silently to myself – and to my writer’s notebook.


7 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. What a blessed moment! You described it so well that I felt a part of it and could visualize the student in the pink ruffled skirt and matching shirt skipping away to “… put pen to paper once again.” I hope I can inspire my students in a similar way.

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