Signs of Spring during an Abnormal Spring

SOL #19

Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers
Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers

So many of us have been slicing about the arrival of spring.  We are all so desperate for the signs – anything that will indicate warmer weather is on the horizon.  I’ve been seeing a few myself lately, but looking at it through a different lens.  Some are right in front of us… our own living rooms.

I always look forward to spring.  But, this spring is a bit different.  You see, I moved my mom out of the suburban home she lived in for the past 20 years and into my city high-rise 6 months ago.  She is 81 years old and quite set in her ways.  Moving to the city has taken away a great deal of her independence.  She no longer drives.  She depends on me to get her groceries, mail her bills, get exercise, and keep her company.  I don’t mind it.  Actually, I welcome the opportunity to reciprocate all that’s she done for me.  Now….back to the signs of spring.

My mom’s favorite season is spring.  This is when she would begin to work in her yard with great fervor.  She planted her lemon trees, trimmed her rose bushes, and generally surveyed her yard with earnest attention.  She also watched carefully for “Jenny Wren” to return to the bird house to start her new family.  Each spring evening at dusk my mom listened carefully at her front door for the sound of baby wrens.  As I clean out her house and prepare to sell it, I see that bird house just hanging in the birch tree.  Unattended.  Noone caring about it’s future residents.

I am trying to figure out how to make the arrival of spring in the city as close to normal as I can for my mom.  I am pointing out some key things to her about spring popping up in the city.  Along with the return of the robbins – which always prompted a phone call between us -a sign of spring in the city is the return of the boats in the harbor.  Along with the advent of longer days, a sign of spring in the city is waiting for dark so the fireworks show can begin.  Along with trees and grass becoming greener……wait!  That is a sign of spring that happens in the city, too!

The lemon tree has been ordered, but it’s going to be planted in an indoor pot and placed on the balcony of the highrise.  Other seeds have been also been planted.  Basil, tomatoes, chives.  All indoor plants this year.  This is the biggest “indoor” sign of spring…..those seeds are sprouting.  Spring is coming in the city.


8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring during an Abnormal Spring

  1. Good for you for taking care of Mom. It’s special that you are trying to help her enjoy her stay in an entirely new environment. I bet she would like a show/theatre now and then and a Starbuck’s visit with lunch. You’re figuring it out! Have fun.

  2. This made me so sad.. “As I clean out her house and prepare to sell it, I see that bird house just hanging in the birch tree. Unattended. Noone caring about it’s future residents.”…but I’m so happy to hear you are bringng the spring to your mom.

  3. Your mom is lucky to have you. The thoughtfulness of bringing spring to her and much as possible is amazing. I bet she’s loving the city because she’s closer to you!

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