Looking at What’s Possible

Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers
Check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers

I was at a reading conference this past weekend.  One of my favorite sessions was presented by the owner of a local bookstore, Becky Anderson…. shout out to Anderson Book Store in Naperville!.  The session was packed!  The only technology needed – a document camera so the crowd could see the beauty of the books she shared.  Not an e-reader in sight!

Becky, quite simply and so effectively, shared dozens of picture books for us to share with our students.  As I sat and listened I was transported to another world.  All those beautiful illustrations!  And the words – the flowing, magical words that told their unique stories.  Then it hit me.  “Pull out your writers notebook and start taking notes!  These brilliant authors can help you in your future writing!”

Jacqueline Woodson showed me how we can create a better world by showing kindness to others in her book, “Each Kindness”.  Something I want to slice about in the future……how we show grace to others.

Paul Fleischman shared the story of a grandfather’s journey from Italy to the U.S. in his book, “The Matchbox Diary”.  His memories are shared entirely through artifacts from his childhood.  He tells the whole story through dialogue.  I can do that!

Oliver Jeffers illustrated the beauty of nature in his book, “This Moose Belongs to Me”.  I probably won’t actually draw my own illustrations in future slices, BUT, I may include more photos to tell my story.

Henry Cole reminded me of the important story of the Underground Railroad in his stunning, wordless picture book, “Unspoken”.   I would lke to think about history a little bit more in my writing.  Perhaps not only my history, but the history of  all of US.

I was inspired and moved to write after spending time with these wise and prolific poets, essayists, novelists….creators.  I thank them for their guidance as I experiment with their craft in my own writing.



12 thoughts on “Looking at What’s Possible

  1. Super jealous of you! Our school can’t really fund annual conferences – we have to rotate with other departments. This year was science so once again, I missed CATE and NCTE. It sounds like you really got your money’s worth. Happy writing!

  2. Wow! Sounds…. inspirational.

    This slice is really well-written. A brief explanation of one of the books – followed by your thoughts on how you could use it in your own writing. I could see our students writing a piece like this, couldn’t you?
    I love all the writing ideas you are getting! You’re 100% living like a writer. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing some of your learning and ideas for application! Awesome! I am going to add the Paul Fleischmann book to my wish list… I already have the other two! 🙂

    Signed, CBA–Certified Book Addict

  4. First of all, I LOVE Anderson Book Store in Naperville. I went to college right by there and I actually met Marc Brown there at a book signing one night while I was in college. That is exciting that she was there to represent them! I love learning about books that can inspire my students as writers. That helps me so much in my teaching and I liked how you described how you could use each book in your own writing.

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