Fixed or Not?


“Some people are just good and some people are just bad.”  This is what I overheard as I walked past two men who were sitting in a hotel lobby today.  As mentioned in a previous slice, I have a (bad) habit of listening in on people as I sit near, or pass by them.

I thought about this comment for the rest of the day.  I had so many questions.

Why were these men having this conversation that caused one to say this to the other?
Do they believe it, or was there more to the story?
Do others believe this – and does this drive the way we interact with one another?
Does the idea of “goood” and “bad” expand to things like “smart” and “dumb”?
If so, does this affect how educators treat students?

I spent the last two days at a state reading conference with so many great ideas swirling around. I certainly hope that the research that was presented by these experts, as well as the creative approaches that were discussed amongst these great minds have hope of taking root. I fear they won’t if people actually believe that we are either “good” or “bad”. I choose to believe that we are more varied than that – not simply one way or the other. We can always get smarter and life is more complicated than boiling it down to “good” or “bad”.


4 thoughts on “Fixed or Not?

  1. Hearing bits of conversation can be interesting–or spark lines of thought like this did for you. I’m glad you captured it and also shared your thinking. Good stuff to consider!

  2. My first thought is that people may say or choose to think this because they have experienced someone in their life that has repeatedly let them down. When this occurs, I think people often have the tendency to disregard them and chalk them up as, “bad,” due to frustration. They no longer want to pursue the relationship- it’s easier to walk away. I agree with your stance.. and furthermore.. I feel if people take the time to consider WHY someone is making the choices that they are.. and approach the matter with openness, love, and negate judgment.. we clear a new path- offer an alternative choice. People are different. We cross paths at dif points in our lives.. if we all disregarded eachother and labeled in such black and white terms we would get nowhere. I say anytime you pigeon hole someone, you are limiting and pigeon holing your self as well. All ya need is love people! haha 🙂

  3. While many people do see life and people as good and bad, clear issues with no gray in between, I choose to see most of life’s issues as having 2 sides….even if I cannot personally see the other side…it still exists! We have a choice in how we will see life…

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