Let’s Play Ball!

I am so lucky that my route to and from work every day allows me to pass U.S. Cellular Field, which is home to the Chicago White Sox….the 2005 World Series Champs.  Every day, twice a day, I get to check out the park as I fly by in my car.  It may be raining, it may be snowing, it may be sunny, or it may be dark.  It doesn’t matter.  It still stands out to me every time.  But, last night was extra special…….the stadium lights werre on!  The long Chicago winter is coming to an end, and…..it’s time to play baseball again! 

I imagined all the getting ready that must be going on inside the park.  Are they re-sodding the field?  Are they painting the seats?  Will there be new shopping areas for jerseys and t-shirts?  I hope there isn’t too much that’s new – because I love that park.  It’s like seeing an old friend that I know so well!

I look forward to the hot, sunny afternoons we’ll spend sitting in section 103.  Right, center field.  We’ll sit next to “Stats Man” and his brother, like we have for the past 8 years.  We call him that because he carefully writes down every player and game statistic for the whole contest. He gets it all; bats, runs, strikeouts, scores. Along with writing the stats (and calling for the beer vendor….that’s another slice for another day) he makes intermittent remarks on the game itself; but he does so mostly in a sweet & quiet way. He’s not obnoxious. Every once in a while we’ll hear; “That Konerko: he’s the slowest man in baseball!” Or, “Get rid of Ozzie!!!! It’s like having a sports commentator sitting right next to us in our seats! Once in a while I’ll ask his opinion about something AND HE LOVES IT! I like Stats Man. Seeing him again will signify so much…..mainly that summer is back and it’s time to play baseball!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ball!

  1. Ha ha, Darlene!
    My favorite part of this piece was the list of questions you wrote, wondering what might be going on inside the stadium. Nice description of Stats Man, too – I can totally see him in my mind.

  2. First let me say…thank goodness you were writing about Sox park and not the cubs (hehehe!) Second, this piece is brilliant! Your take on how spring is coming because they are getting ready in the stadium is such an interesting take on that idea. I love the line that you like seeing an old friend that you know so well. Nicely written!

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